Sound and Fury 2016

This upcoming weekend is the return of the annual hardcore festival Sound and Fury. Sound and Fury was a big hardcore festival that took place in California. Since the mid 2000’s until 2012 the fest had a lot of great lineups. Sound and Fury was always a hardcore fest but at times features some Punk and Metal just like This is Hardcore. Sound and Fury is probably the closet hardcore fest that is as big as TIHC. This year the festival is taking place at the venue The Regent in Los Angeles on June 10th and June 11th. There are some Pre shows and after shows for this festival. For everyone who is going enjoy yourself and have a great time.

June 9th Pre show

Union: The Beautiful Ones, Regulate, Coerced.

June 10th Day One

The Regent: Down To Nothing, Guns Up!, Shipwreck, Twitching Tongues, Angel Dust, Bracewar, Freedom, God’s Hate, Downpresser, Jesus Piece, Fell To Low, Blind Justice, Minus, Broken Teeth, Mizery, Vamachara.

After shows

The Smell: Lion Crew, Soul Search, Zoloa.

Secret Location: Lock, Fury, Blazing Eye, Tony Molina.

June 11th Day Two

The Regent: American Nightmare, Nails, Ceremony, Full of Hell, Tony Molina, Forced order, Fury, King Nine, Criminal Instinct, Free, Take Offense, GAG, Creative Adult, Judiciary, Bloodhound.

After shows

Regent Theater: Taake, Wolvehammer, Young and In The Way.

The Smell: Free, Freedom, Response, Warfare.

Sound and Fury 2016

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