Against Me! and July Talk @ Webster Hall 6/3/16

Last Friday Against Me played a Gov Ball’s after show at Webster Hall. This was my first time ever seeing Against Me. This was not a sold out show but there were plenty of people there for attendances. Doors were at 10pm and the show started at 10:30 PM. This was my first time ever coming to Webster Hall this late. I have only been to one after show in my life and usually I am really tired but this was not the case. There was a barricade up in front of the stage. I always hate when there is a barricade for a Punk show. I like seeing band getting a crazy reaction from the crowd and seeing people diving off the stage. I always feel that a barricade calms downs a show.
The opening band of the night was July Talk. July Talk are a Bluesy and alternative band from Toronto. This was my first time ever seeing them. I thought they had a good sound. I found it weird they opened this show because the bands are quite different. I could see Bully or Nothing open up for them instead. Besides that the band played a solid half hour set. They had two singers split between a man and woman. They seemed like they were a couple by the way they were singing to each other. They reminded me of the Punk band X but playing Blues rather than Punk. Some of the crowd liked what they heard. I was not a huge fan of this band. I personally thought if you like Blues mixed with some Rock this band is you like Alabama Shakes or even the Black Keys.
Against Me took the stage. Against Me is a Punk band from Gainesville, Florida. As I mention before this was my first time seeing this band. I have waited a long time to see Against Me. Against Me is probably one of the best bands in Punk rock right now. In the last five years the lead singer had a sex change and became a woman. That did not stop the band for having more fans. The vocals of Laura Jane Grace was great. She great as a front woman. The crowd was very enteric for them. People were moshing and crowd surfing. Against Me played a great set. The set started off with “I was a Teenage Anarchist” which was the first song I ever heard from them so I was going crazy. Against Me played a lot of their great hits. They played a new song and announced they are recording a new album. The song sounded pretty good and excited for new material. They even covered The Clash “Train in Vain” which was great. Against Me played over twenty songs. Against Me is a band I could see night after night. For everyone who is reading this and never seen them you are messing up big time. Against Me is probably one of the best live Punk bands right now. I have seen plenty of great bands at this venue but Against Me was probably the best set I ever seen at Webster Hall.

Against Me! and July Talk @ Webster Hall 6/3/16

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