Upcoming Shows 6/3/16-6/9/16

Here’s another week of upcoming shows. Please note these shows are in the Tristate area.
June 3rd
1. The Grand ballroom at Webster Hall- Against Me!, July Talk.
2. Trickshot Billiards Sports Pub- Leeway, Brick By Brick, Concrete, Wrong Move, Embrace The Curse, Open Casket Division.
3. AMH- WatermeDown, When Eyes Collide, Memento, The View From Up Here.
4. Studio Luloo- Podacter, Trophy Lungs, No Risk, Hot Trash.
5. House Show New Hartford- Pile (Rick Solo), Spillway, Queen Moo,
6. The Slam Pit- Day Drinker, Teenage Halloween, Street Sity Staff, Whiner, Ok Friends.
7. Saint Vitus Bar- Beyond, Maximum Penalty, While We Wait.
8. Brighton Bar- CJ Ramone, Broken Gold, The Fullers, The Mega Yeah.
9. The Bowery Ballroom- MS MR, Transviolent.
10. Rough Trade Records- Braids, Ginta.
11. Sunnyvale- Stick and Stones, Thulsa Doom, Out of System Transfer, The Sunny Side Social Club.
12. Otto’s Shrunken Head- The Omega Men, Tsunamo Boy, The Rebel Factory.
June 4th
1. Suburbia- Shellshag, Big Eyes, Vacation, Intrepid Hearts.
2. AMH- Too Many Voices, The Old Ironsides, Troubled Hearts, Buying Time, Vinny Hooliganz.
3. The Brighton Bar- Vinnie Caruana, Bradon Reilly, Matty Carlock, A Creature of Bad Habit.
4. Starland Ballroom- Hatebreed, Devil Driver, Devil You Know, Ashes of Your Enemy, Scars of Envy, Negative Sky.
5. Saint Vitus Bar- Wax Idols, King Woman, Primitive Weapons.
6. Port Jefferson Backyard- Suffocation, Internal Bleeding, Sworn Enemy, The Merciless Concept.
7. Cianfano’s Bar- Nightfear, Pisskvlt, Ubasute, Gun Culture.
8. The Acheron- Come To Grief, Ilsa, Belus, Plauges, Sunrot.
9. The Knitting Factory- CJ Ramone, Broken Gold, Carbon Thief.
10. Village Pub Lindenhurst- Agitator, The Straphangers, Coach N Commando.
11. ABC No Rio- Goolagoon, Pavel Chekov, Mans Plague, Mansbeast, Ultor.
June 5th
1. Baby’s All Right- Modern English, DAME, Shadow Age, Casanovas in Heat, Palus.
2. Shea Stadium- Infinity Girl, You’re Jovian, Cruel Angels, Jeremy Smoking.
3. Sinclairs Pub- Urban Waste, Some Kind of Nightmare, Sewage, Abandoned Vessels, Acid Boy.
4. Shakers Pub- Retaliation, False Gods, Triple Cripple, Accelerator, Locus Mortis.
5. Cake Shop- Vacation, Shockwaves, Todd Killingz, Spite House, Casey.
6. The Meatlocker- Kooked Out, Amboy Lake, American Weird Beers.
7. Brighton Bar- Firestater, No Lost Cause, Serpus Matters, Have A Good Season.
June 6th
1. Saint Vitus Bar- Mutoid Man, Mutant Scum, Jounce, Polygamist, Hammer of Justice, Prisoners of New York.
June 7th
1. Gramercy Theatre- Rebelution, Through The Roots.
June 8th
1. The Grand Victory- Anti-Nowhere League, Agitator, The Breaking Downs, Nuclear Santa Claus.
2. Revolution Music Hall- Pro-Pain, This Life We Live, Out Live Death, Permanent Scars.
3. Saint Vitus Bar- Vinnie Caruana, Mike Ireland.
4. The Grand Ballroom- Pvris, Lydia, Crusier.
5. CMAC- Death Cab For Cutie, Chvrches, Pure Bathing Culture.
June 9th
1. AMH- Old Wounds, Jukai, Purgatory, Heavens Die, Sanction Counterattack.
2. Brooklyn Bowl- Diaarhea Planet, Acid Dad, Sweet Candle.
3. Shea Stadium- Childbirth, Aye Nako, Shark Muffin, Tin Vulva, Drella.
4. The Acheron- Big Eyes, Nato Cole & The Blue Diamond Band, The Passengers, Shockwaves.
5. The Capitol Theatre- Flight of the Conchords, Arj Banker.
6. The Gramercy Theatre- Lacuna Coil, Stiched Up Heart, 9 Electric, Painted Wives.
7. The Space- Half Wait, Zanders, Budris, Astrid, Orderers.

Upcoming Shows 6/3/16-6/9/16

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