May Releases

This may was probably the best month so far this year with music releases. Here is a list of albums, promos, EPs, singles, demos, and spilts that I recommend you to listen. Also I will present my top 5 which are…

  1. Nothing- Tired of Tomorrow
  2. The Hotelier- Goodness
  3. Modern Baseball- Holy Ghost
  4. Posture & The Grizzly- I Am Satan
  5. Weekend Nachos- Apology
    Here are another set of releases I also thought were worth checking out.
    Animal Logic- The Stars Do no Recognize You
    Boy on Guitar/Chase Huglin- S/T Split 7 inch
    Clique- Burden Piece
    Eternal Sleep- The Emptiness of
    Free At Last- Embrace You
    Hatebreed- The Concrete Confessional
    Into The Fire- Demo 2016
    Jesus Piece- Summer ’16 Promo
    Krust- Paradise in Brick
    Mock Orange- Put The Kid on The Sleepy Horse
    Pinto- Where Will You Be on The First Day of Spring?
    Praise- Leave It All Behind
    Psychic Teens- Nerve
    PUP- The Dream is Over
    Response- Stay Strong
    Suburban Scum- Ultimate Annihilation
    Thin Lips- Riff Hard
    Thrice- To Be Everywhere is to be Nowhere
    Tiny Moving Parts-Celebrate
    Twin Peaks- Down in Heaven
    Vein- Demo 2016
    Wolf Whistle- The Present Disturbance
May Releases

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