Left Behind, Mutiny Abroad, Silenus, Aegresco, and Spit It Out @ AMH 5/28/16

Last Sunday Left Behind came to Long Island as part of their Seeing Hell Record release  tour. All of the support of the show were local Long Island bands. The show was mixed with Metalcore and Hardcore bands. There was not a lot of people at this show which I thought was disappointing. I was expect over 75 people at this show but there was probably 25-40 people maybe.
The first opener of the night was Spit It Out. Spit It Out is formally known as Brain Waves. They have a different lineup that features a new singer and new guitarist. Spit It Out is still the only Hardcore band in Long Island that fronted by a young woman. The band sounded pretty tight this time along. The entire set the singer was singing on the floor away from the band. This was my third time seeing them and with the lineup change the band was really good. The band got a little bit of a crowd reaction for them. The band also covered Negative Approach which was great but no one in the crowd seemed to know it. Most of the crowd that night was from the Metalcore fan base. Overall Spit It Out is getting better and are worth checking out

Up next was Aegresco. Aegresco was probably the most diverse band on the entire lineup. Their sound was a mix between Death metal and Black metal with some “Slam” and breakdowns. The band was okay and I think their drummer is really good. I felt that the band a little too all over the place with their style of music. The lead singer was singing everywhere on the stage and floor. He rolled around on the floor and sang. It was a wild site. Also he whip some of the members of audience and choked them with the mic. By far this was the weirdest set I ever seen at AMH. They got a little bit of a crowd reaction and there was a circle pit for them. This was a pretty weird show for the band. If they played with like Dysentery or the Merciless Concept they probably would have a better reaction and it seemed that some of the crowd did not get it at all.
Silenus was up next. This local band has been getting a lot of hype recently and their new song features a member of Knocked Loose.They are up and coming and there is a lot of tlak about them. I am pretty sure the entire band is still in high school and has a big fan base in the Metalcore scene. Their music is mixed between Hardcore and Metalcore similar to Knocked Loose, Kublai Khan, Jesus Piece, and also their are some beatdown elements. They got a really good reaction last Sunday. There were a lot of people moshing for them. Also I really like the fact that they had people singing along to them and grabbing the mic. It is great to see kids going off for a local band. Overall Silenus was pretty cool and I would see them again. If you like Hardcore mixed Metalcore this band is for you.
Mutiny Abroad was up next. This is my second time seeing this local band. Last time I saw them was actually at the same venue and opening up for Madball. Mutiny Abroad is heavily influenced by Every Time I Die and Glassjaw. They got a little bit of an reaction from the crowd. This was some what of a perfect show for them but it seemed a lot of people were saving up their energy for Left Behind. Mutiny Abroad was pretty good and they are worth checking out.
Left Behind took the stage. Left Behind is from West Virginia. They are a mix between Metal and Hardcore. This is my first time seeing this band. From start to finish they played great. The band got a pretty good reaction from the crowd. I mention before there was not a lot of people at this show but people still moshed. Plus people got up the stage to sing a verse of some songs. At one point the lead singer of Silenus sang a part of a song which was awesome. Left Behind was really cool to see. The new album Seeing Hell is really good and is worth checking it out. Left Behind played a really good set. The only thing I wish was that more people came out for them. Left Behind is a great and I can not wait to see them again.

Left Behind, Mutiny Abroad, Silenus, Aegresco, and Spit It Out @ AMH 5/28/16

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