Dowsing, Kittyhawk, Three Man Cannon, And Katie Ellen @ Suburbia 5/28/16

Last Saturday Dowsing and  Kittyhawk played their New York City stop on their tour. The show was at Suburbia and this was my time first ever attending a show here. I heard a lot of good things about this place. Suburbia was in a basement of an apartment building. The venue was pretty cool and I really liked how DIY the venue was plus the venue was kept clean. The venue is small and probably holds maybe a little over 100. The only bad thing about this venue is the parking. Since the venue is its in a area where there is no parking what so ever. So if you are planning to come to this venue public transportation is probably your best bet.

The opening band of night was Katie Ellen. Katie Ellen is a local Queens band that features members from Chumped and Adult Mom. They were the only band on the bill that was a local act. Saturday they were a three piece and the lead singer said that the band is actually a four piece. The other member had a personal conflict and could not play this show. Just by hearing their music the band sounded good as a three piece. The band reminded me of a a modern day Indie/Emo band that took alot of influnces from the Carnberries and a little bit from Hole. I liked what I saw and the band was pretty good. Katie Ellen was a soild opener for this show.
Three Man Cannon was up next. Three Man Cannon is from Philly/Scranton and the band features members of Tiger’s Jaw. Three Man Cannon is a four piece. What I really liked about this band is seeing a drummer as the lead singer. I think it is really unique for a band to have a drummer as a singer but to me its always cool to see this. Three Man Cannon was a really cool band . They played really tight and honstley they were best sounding band of the night. I never listen to this band before hand and I became a fan just right off of this set. Three Man Cannon was really good and are worth checking out.
Up next was Kittyhawk. Kittyhawk is a four piece from Chicago and they features members from Pet Symmetry. I heard a lot of good things about this band so I was kind of excited to see this band. The night before the tour stop on Long Island and everybody I know that went said they played a great set. Kittyhawk started to play I liked what heard. I get why people really enjoyed them. I have been hearing their name for a while but I was surprise that people were not singing along to them. I know they have a following but it was kind of weird. Overall Kittyhawk was really cool and everybody who is reading this should see them before they go away.
Dowsing was up. I was excited to finally see them. I have been knowing about this band for awhile and only recently I got into them. The new album they just releases last April Okay is potential for my album of the year list. I really enjoy that album. Dowsing is From Chicago and this is my first time seeing this band. Dowsing started to play I was expected people to go off but that was not the case. I figure people would charged up to the stage to sing along. I was surprise by this. Place I notice only a few people were singing along. Most of the songs off the set were from the new record. Still I was really surprise how laid back the crowd was. Overall Dowsing is great band and probably one of the best bands right now in Chicago. When they come back to the NYC/Long Island I would love to see them again. Last Saturday was a great time and hopefully I can make out to another show at Suburbia.



Dowsing, Kittyhawk, Three Man Cannon, And Katie Ellen @ Suburbia 5/28/16

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