Stray From The Path, Johnny Booth, and Juaki @ AMH 6/27/16

Last Monday, Stray From The Path played Amityville Music Hall for a small one off show. The band is not on tour or anything they decided to play a small show with some Long Island locals. They had Johnny Booth and Jukai opening up this show. This was a sold out show and there was a lot of heavy duty Stray fans. I saw a mix of old and news fans. Before the show I heard their set will have a lot of older material which I was excited for. For those who do not know AMH, the venue is 200 cap venue on Long Island so this show got a little crazy.

Jukai opened up the show. This was my eleventh time seeing this LIHC band. Jukai has a heavy sound mixed with hardcore and late 90’s metalcore. The band started to play and there was a little bit of a reaction. I knew before this set started I knew a lot of people would not go off for them. Most of the audiences were people who only  went to go see Stray. This was some what of a weird show for Jukai since usually they play of a lot of hardcore shows. Throughout the set maybe like 6 people went off in total for them. The reaction from the audience was especially  weird when the lead singer shouted out Stray and Johnny Booth and no one clap. The audience was just quite. Overall I love Jukai and they played a good set. Check out their latest EP Devoid of Hope which came out last December.

Johnny Booth was up next. Johnny Booth is a wild local band. By wild I mean they draw heavy influences like Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean and Every Time I Die. They have a mix sound of metal, metalcore and some progressive elements. This was my second time seeing them. The last time I saw them was last year when they opened for the Cro-Mags. That set was weird because they were out of place but they played really good. This show was a lot better for them and I felt I had a better experience seeing them this around. People were charged up front and singing along to their material. People were moshing to them and I liked the crowd energy a lot. This set did a lot of justice for me since the last time was weird. Literally this band is wild live I would like to see this band more often.

Stray took the stage. This was my eighth time seeing this Long Island band. I have been seeing them since 2012 usually as an opener on a tour and I am pretty sure this was my first time seeing them headline a show. Stray always had the best sets and the craziest pits every time I have seen them. Seeing this band at AMH was very cool. For those who never listen to Stray From The Path their sound is a mix of hardcore, metal and rap. Picture Rage Against The Machine, Every Time I Die, and hardcore having a baby. Stray From The Path are the new icons of politically charged music. Once they started to play people were moshing, crowd surfing, and even stage diving. It has been a while since I been to a show at AMH where there was a lot of people stage diving. This was probably one of the best set I have seen Stray played in a long time. The energy and the reaction from the band and the audience were great. They played a mix of old and news songs and the set was great. They did not play my favorite song “Mad Girl” but they did play “Damien” and “Negative and Violent” which was fine with me. Stray played great as well as all of the other bands. Overall last Monday was great and if you were not there you missed a good one.

Stray From The Path, Johnny Booth, and Juaki @ AMH 6/27/16

Whittled Down & The Menagerie Split EP Release 6/26/16

Last Sunday Whittled Down and The Menagerie ended their week and half tour of the east coast at AMH. This was their split EP release show. They had four openers to this show. Two are from Long Island which was Shorebreak and Discolor. One from upstate which was Parallel and the other from Delaware which was Past Hope. The show had over 80 people attending which was great for the touring bands.

The opening band was Parallel. Parallel are from Oneonta and have members from Long Island, Upstate NY and Massachusetts. Last Sunday they played as a three piece but mainly they are a four piece. The lead singer of the band could not make it to the show due to work reasons. The bassist filled on vocals for this show. The band played four songs which are off their EP Broken Beyond Repair that came out last April. Their sound is emo mixed with some pop punk elements. If you like Pentimento then this band is for you. Overall I liked what I heard I would like to see these guys again but as a full band.

Up next was Discolor. Discolor is a local Long Island band. This was my second time seeing them. The last time I saw this band was at my friend’s basement called the Bone zone early this year. Discolor released one of my favorite EPs so far this year titled Wake. Sunday they played a quick set that filled with brand new songs that they will be recording soon. All of the songs they played sounded great and a lot different from the material they put out early this year. Wake had a Balance and Composure worship and 90’s alternative rock feel. The new songs still continues with the 90’s feel and I felt they had their own style going on. Overall I liked what I heard and I can not wait to see them again July 16th at Shakers Pub.

Past Hope was up next. Past Hope is from Delaware and I have wanted to see this band since the beginning of this year. I heard a lot about this band through friends and the internet. They are a up and coming melodic hardcore band and I was excited to see them. Once they started they had a pit for them. Through out the entire set they only had a few people were moshing for them but they still played a great set. They also played a Buried Alive cover which was sick. They got a pretty good reaction from that. Past Hope played a great set on Sunday and honestly they are probably the best band out of Delaware right now. If you like melodic hardcore this band is for you.

The Menagerie was up next. The Menagerie is from Somerset, Kentucky. As I mention before this band is wrapping upon their tour with Whittled Down for their Split EP. For this set they had Whittled Down’s guitarist play the bass for them. I am guessing they had a bass issue on tour as well as Whittled Down. The band started to play and they were just wild. The Menagerie is a screamo band with some math rock elements. This band played a really solid set. They also did an Old Gray cover which was pretty cool. Just looking at some of the members of the audience people looked a little freaked out. screamo is not really popular on Long Island the crowd was kind more towards the pop punk/emo scene. Overall The Menagerie is a sick band and is worth checking out.

Shorebreak took the stage. This was my ninth time seeing this Long Island pop punk band. Shorebreak is one of my favorite local acts and they always play a great set. This show was important to the band because they were releasing 7 inches for their latest EP Misdirection which came out last December. As usual the band played a great set and they were a lot of people up front for them. It is always cool seeing people right in the facing of local bands and singing their words. I have not seen this band since last October but this set was great. I always love seeing this band and it is always a great time. If you like Pop Punk you have to check out this band and support them. Next show will be Susiepalooza 2 in Deer Park.

Whittled Down was up next. This is my seventh time seeing this Long Island band. As I mention before this was the split EP release show for them and The Menagerie. This set also had a lot of people up front for them and preparing to sing for them. The sound of Whittled Down is a mix of melodic hardcore, emo, and screamo elements. Vocally I would say this band has a mix of Defeater and Touché Amore. Instrumentally I hear some Balance and Composure and some other Indie bands. Every song except the last song had a huge crowd reaction of people screaming the lyrics. It has been awhile where I have seen people literally knowing the words their material. This was possibly the best time I ever seen them play. The band looked really happy to see people going off for them. The band said they will be recording some new songs. The last song of the set was a new song and it sounded really good. I can not wait to hear it recorded. Check this band if you have not they are worth it. The next Long Island show Whittled Down will be playing at Shakers Pub July 16 with Hangman, Impact, Discolor, High Card, and some other bands.

Whittled Down & The Menagerie Split EP Release 6/26/16

Nails, Full of Hell, God’s Hate, Eternal Sleep @ Marlin Room of Webster Hall

Last Wednesday Nails played a sold out show at the Marlin room of Webster Hall. The Marlin Room is the middle room of the three floor venue. Nails are currently on tour supporting their new album You Will Never Be One of Us out on Nuclear Blast Records. The support of the tour was Full of Hell, God’s Hate and Eternal Sleep.

The opening band of the night was Eternal Sleep. This was my third time seeing this Pittsburgh metal influenced hardcore band. Their music is very aggressive and they have these heavy riffs that you can not resist to mosh to. Just from the start people were moshing but nothing really crazy. Only a few people moshed for them. This set was my probably my favorite set from them. They played great set and they should have gotten a better reaction. They recently released their debut last month title The Emptiness Of on Closed Casket Activities. Majority of their set was off the new LP. Overall if you like hardcore/metal this band is for you. Eternal Sleep is worth listening to and seeing live.

God’s Hate was up next. I have been waiting awhile to see this band. I have been listening to them since 2014 when I discover their EP Divine Injustice. This year they came out with their first LP Mass Murder on Closed Casket Activities. God’s Hate is a metal influenced hardcore band. They worship the NYHC band Merauder a lot. They have a lot of similar riffs and guitar hooks. Once God’s Hate started to play people began to move. People moshed really hard to this band. I am not a huge fan of this band but I been wanting to see them. The set was pretty good and there had a lot people there for them. It was great when the lead singer shout out the Long Island Hardcore scene especially bands like Sanction, King Nine, and Regulate. Besides this God’s Hate was cool and they worth checking out.

Up next was Full of Hell. This was my fourth time I have seen this noisy grind/powerviolence band from Ocean City Maryland. Full of Hell will make you go def literally. Besides the band playing very loud , the singer plays around with these pedals that are just so loud and full of distortion. From start to finish the crowd was insane for them. This was probably the most violent set I ever seen them play. People were moshing in the front and in the back. Up front was people head banging and running into each other. While in the back people were just hitting each other. It also was weird set because seeing them play to more than 300 people crazy and they was a lot of space on stage for them. Usually they are on a very tight stage while playing. Full of Hell is one of the heaviest bands in grindcore right now. They always play crazy sets. I can not wait to see them play at This is Hardcore in August.

Nails took the stage. This was my second time seeing them. Nails are a four piece from Oxnard, California. By now if you do not know who Nails are you probably do not listen to hardcore or metal or even powerviolence. They are one of the most popular bands of right now. The last time I saw them was in Long Island at Amityville Music Hall. This set was crazy. People where flying off the stage, people slam into each other, and the mosh never ended. Nails played a of mix songs off all three of their albums. They played for over thirty minutes and it was a lot longer than the Long Island show. This set was a lot better than the set i saw them play in April. Probably because AMH is a small venue and there needs to be room to mosh. The marlin room was a perfect stage for Nails. During the set the lead singer talked about how metal blogs complain why too much about aggression and he is right. IF you like heavy and aggressive music you should not complain about moshing or whatever. Nails are very true to themselves and to their fans. I am very excited to see Nails again in August for This is Hardcore. if you have not seen Nails then you should be doing something about that. One of the heaviest bands right now and 100% worth seeing.

Nails, Full of Hell, God’s Hate, Eternal Sleep @ Marlin Room of Webster Hall

Upcoming Shows 6/24/16-6/30/16

Here’s another week of upcoming shows. Please note that these shows are in the Tri-State area.

June 24th

  1. Irving Plaza- Mosdern Baseball, Joyce Manor, Thin Lips.
  2. Theater 294- Regulate, Blind Justice, Break Away, Cease 2 Resist, Counterattack.
  3. The Meatlocker- Freedom, Response, Lock, Krimewatch, Response.
  4. Eclectic- Rozwell Kid, Posture & The Grizzly, Losing Season, Perennial.
  5. Knitting Factory- Pissed Jeans, Lydia Lunch Retro Virus, Richard Papercuts.
  6. Red Bank Rehearsal Studios- Such Gold, Keep Flying, Save Face, Have a Good Season, In Angels, The Worth While Fight.
  7. The Grand Victory- Murphy’s Law, M-13, Nothing But Enmies, Agitator.
  8. AMH- Sleep On It, Marina City, Sam Pollet, Adx, Good Indentions.
  9. Alphaville- Skeleton, GlAASSS, WAD, Flared Nostril.
  10. Monty Hall- The So So Glos, Big Ups, Hondurus.
  11. Market Hotel- Downtown Boys, Pill, Wall, Ratas En Zelo.
  12. East Islip Lanes- Carve Your Niche, Enemy of The State, Graves, Paper Nautilus, Vigil Antics, The Individuals, Slacker Genius, Attica, Staogt, Transcend, The Unpermitted, Carbon Thief.

June 25th

  1. Irving Plaza- Modern Baseball, Joyce Manor, Thin Lips.
  2. Shakers Pub- Internal Bleeding, All Out War, Everybody Gets Hurt, Tomorrow’s Victim, Detriment.
  3. Wamleg- Pinegrove, Ratboys, Cheem, Grass Stains.
  4. The Acheron- Dropdead, Ratstab, Death Vacation, TBA.
  5. Lindenhurst Youth Center- A Place to Hide, Bohemains, Adiron, Champ, Hold Fast Hope, Gutterlife.
  6. Fitzies Irish Pub- No Way Out. Before I Had Wings, The Weight We Carry, Disarm, Delinquence.
  7. The Meatlocker- Whittled Down, The Menagerie, Living Tradition, Bedtime Stories, Massa Nera, Hold on Caufield.
  8. The Studio at Webster Hall- Zao, Jesus Piece, Jagged Visions.
  9. Alphaville- Rejiem, Leash, Porvenir Oscuro, Lakras, Sick Headm Rubber.
  10. AMH- Firestarter, Living Means, Amboy, Barley Know Her, Dino Shake Party, Kelly Vargas, Uz Eagle.
  11. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Pup, Rozwell Kid, Pkew Pkew Pkew.
  12. V4- Nuclear Santa Claust, M-13, Executors, Nervous Triggers, TBA.
  13. AMH- Scar Gold, Aimless Again, Splatterhouse, Suburban Zombie, Blueback.
  14. ABC No Rio- Disassocaite, Asstroland, Mad Diesel, Agitator, E.I.D, Short Leash Snort Bleach.
  15. Market Hotel- The So Sol Glos, Big Up, Hondurus.
  16. Shea Stadium- Shark Muffin, Pink Mexico, IYEZ, ZZZ Work.

June 26th

  1. AMH- Whittled Down, Shorebreak, The Menagerie, Past Hope, Discolor, Parallel.
  2. The Acheron- Freedom, Lock, Response, Claim, Lion’s Cage.
  3. The Marlin Room at Webster Hall- Dead Kennedys, Urban Waste, The Welch Boys, Yo! Scunt.
  4. Gramercy Theatre- Turbonegro.
  5. Union Pool- Rainer Maria, Aye Nako.
  6. Aviv- Slothrust, Mal Blum, A Deer A Horse, Blunt Mary.
  7. Scarlet Pub- Subtitles, Jean Pool, Motor Head Man, The Brothers Union.

June 27th

  1. AMH- Stray From The Path, Johnny Booth, Jukai.
  2. Gramercy Theatre- The Adicts.
  3. The Meatlocker- Short Leash, Idles, Death Vacation.
  4. Dingbatz- Trophy Wives, Sleep on It, Madina City.

June 28th

  1. Gramercy Theatre- FLAG, War on Women, The Dirty Nil.
  2. Revolution Music Hall- The Toasters, Crisis Crayons, Wings of The Whale, Short Notice.
  3. Dingbatz- Candy Hearts, Chase Huglin.
  4. Shea Stadium- Banned Booked, Pink Wash, Special Guest, The Cradle.
  5. The Paramount- Soul Asylum, The English Beat.

June 29th

  1. Highlands Basement- Kublai Khan, Illusionist, Resentment, Pry, Repressed.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- King Parrot, Child Bite, Black Black Black, Cetus.
  3. Brighton Bar- Cayetana, Hodera, Semoitics, Posture Yellow.
  4. Black Bear Bar- Brick By Brick, Apparition, Black Dawn, Embrace Agony, The Only Weapon.

June 30th

  1. Shakers Pub- Cult Leader, Of Feather and Bone, Carcosa, Funeral Chic, Forced, Locus Mortis.
  2. AVIV- Stove, Fern Mayo, Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes, Firs/
  3. The Acheron- Backslider, Radiation Black Body, The Wayward.
Upcoming Shows 6/24/16-6/30/16

Turnover, Sports, Secret Space, and Forth Wanderers @ Mercury Lounge

Last Monday I saw Turnover again at a venue I never been to before. The Mercury Lounge is located down on Houston street on the East side. Turnover is currently on tour with Secret Space and Sports. This was a sold out show. Turnover played the NYC/LI area three times on this tour. Last Saturday was at AMH which I attended, the day after which was their Brooklyn stop which was at the Market Hotel and the show I attended on Monday. Mercury Lounge is a tiny venue probably holds 150-200. I am glad that I finally got a chance to attend a show at this venue.
Last Monday they added an opening band to the show. Forth Wanderers started the show off. Forth Wanderers are a Indie band from Montclair, New Jersey. Their are a five piece and I have never seen them before. I recenlty have been seeing their name playing plenty of shows in the Tri-state area. Forth Wander was a pretty good opener. I noticce that there were people in the audience  singing along to their music. They had alot of people there for them which was good. They had a very poppy sound with a mix of mathy guitars. Overall I liked what  I heard and I am glad I got a chance to see them.
Up next was Secret Space. This is my second time seeing them. This three piece band is from Toledo, Ohio. A few days before hand they just released their debut album The Window Room on Equal Visions Records. This band played a better set tonight then they did on Saturday night. I also felt that this band was liked more at this shows compare to the Long Island show. Secret Space style of music is a mix of Emo and Indie Rock of the 2000’s. Their style is cool and I liked what I heard. Their music relies on pedals but they are not shoegaze. Besides all of this Secret Space played a good set and they are worth checking out.
Sports took the stage. This is my second time seeing this four piece from Gambier, Ohio. This is not the Sports band from Massachusetts. When I saw them in Long Island and I liked them alot. Last Monday they also played a good set. Sports played these short and catchy songs. This band reminded me of Joyce Manor, Weezer, Hole, and Wavves. Personally I love short and catchy songs so I loved what I was hearing. The audience seemed to like it. Just looking around it seemed that people were more into them at this show than the Long Island show. I think both the styles of Secret Space and Sports are more welcoming in the City rather than LI. What i mean by this is that there are not alot Long Island people really into Indie in this style. Most of the crowd on Saturday were only there to see Turnover. Monday I felt like everyone was there for Turnover and one of the opening bands. Overall Sports is worth checking out and hopefully I could see this band soon.
Turnover was up next. This was my seveth time seeing this Vrigina Beach band. Turnover is band that you could see night after night. I saw them twice on the tour and they always put on a great show. They played almost the same exact set as they did the saturday before. The only difference they played “Change Irreversible” from their single that was relased this year. Besides those two new songs the rest of the set were songs from Peripheral Vision.   This set was very tame with the crowd. Alot of people sang along but no one rushed up the stage. No one was crowd surf, stage dive, or even mosh. I really liked how laid back the audience was. The band sounded great and the venue was perfect for this show. It is really cool that I got the chance to see them seven times in a span of a year and half. This was their last tour in North America for 2016 so when they annoucne a new tour everyone who has not seen them should go see them. I will be seeing them another two more times in September. I will seeing them at Back to School Jam in NJ and Riot Fest in Chicago. Overall every band that played last monday played good sets and everyone who is reading this should check them out.

Turnover, Sports, Secret Space, and Forth Wanderers @ Mercury Lounge

The Cure and The Twilight Sad Day Two @ MSG 6/19/16

Last Sunday, The Cure played their second show of the their three night stand at Madison Square Garden. This was my first time seeing them and I waited eight years for this to happen. The show was not sold out but the other two shows were. I am guessing it is the fact that the day was Father’s Day. I was seating at section 205 and I was dead center for The Cure. Personally I am not a huge fan of arena shows but it’s The Cure I did not care I just wanted to see them. The last time I was at the Garden was back in February seeing Black Sabbath’s final NYC show.
The Cure had an opening band which was The Twilight Sad. I never heard of this band before The Cure annoucned their tour. I have no idea where they came from or what they souded like. Once they started to play they sounded like an Scottish Folk band. The lead singer sang with an Scottish accent which was really cool and unique. It is very different to see a singer sing in his native accents. There were not a lot of people there for them in the beginning of their set. As the set progress people stated to fill in. The band was a little generic and they had a strong 2000’s Indie sound but I liked what I heard. After every song the lead singer was thankful to the members of the audience who watch them play. It must be so great for an opening band from another country opening for the Cure on tour and playing three night Madison Square Garden. If you like 2000’s Post Punk Revival then The Twilight Sad is a band that is worth checking out.
The Cure took the stage. I have been waiting to see this band since 2008. This band is on the my list of bands I need to see and I finally got the chance. The Cure has been a band since the late 70’s. Their style music reaches around Punk, Post Punk, New Wave, Goth Rock, and Alternative. The crowd was electricfied to see this band on stage. The Cure opening song was “Open.”  There were alot of people dancing in their set throughtout the set which i never seen before at a arena show. Towards the end i part take in it. The Cure played a good portion of hits and b-sides. They played my favorite songs “Lovesong”, “Pictures of You”, and “In between days.” The Cure stage was pretty tame and they were just on stage playing their songs. There was not that much takling between the band and audience. I thought that was a little strange. They had a generic arena setup. Besides all of this the band played a great set. Their set was 31 songs and they played four encores. The fact they played four encores was abouslty insane. Encore one and two were some very old classic were the other encores were more of thier hits. The only thing I did not like about this show was some of the song choices. It was cool that they played a lot of B sides and some of the lesser known hits but they could have played “Friday I’m in love.” Otherwise Sunday was a great show. They ended their set with “Boy’s Don’t Cry.” The Cure was great and I 100% recommend everyone who is reading this to see the Cure. One of the best live bands out there and they played an fantastic set.

The Cure and The Twilight Sad Day Two @ MSG 6/19/16

Turnover, Sports, and Secret Space @ AMH 6/18/16

Last Saturday, Turnover played a sold out show at Amityville Music Hall. Turnover is currently on tour with Secret Space and Sports. This is my first time ever seeing Turnover playing in a really small venue that was less than 200 people capacity. Turnover is playing the LI/NYC three times on this tour. The other two shows are at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn and Mercury Lounge in Manhattan. There were no local acts for this show so this  was a quick show. It been awhile since I have been to this venue without attending that was not an hardcore show.

The opening band of the night was Secret Space. Secret Space is a three piece from Toledo, Ohio. The band just released their debut album the day before titled The Window Room on Equal Visions Records. There were a lot of people there for them once they started to play. Their music was a mix of Indie Rock and Emo. The band were very heavy on pedals but they were not shoegaze. Members of the audience seemed to be interested. I did not notice anybody singing along to their material. Overall Secret Space played a great set and I enjoyed what I heard. I will be seeing them again at the Monday stop of the tour 6/20 at Mercury Lounge. Check out their debut album that I mention before.

Sports took the stage. Sports are a four piece band from Gambier, Ohio. This is not to be confused with the other bands called Sports (MA) or Sport (France). Sports are a Punk mixed with some Power Pop band. Once they started to play I like what I heard. They sounded somewhat like Wavves but without the beach feeling. I loved the short and catchy songs they played. Everything about this band was great. Still there was not a crowd reaction to this band. People seemed interested but I notice no one was singing along or really into them. I personally liked them I think they will get a better reaction at the next show I am going to. If you like Poppy Indie Punk then I recommend all of those reading this to check out this band.

Turnover took the stage. This is my sixth time seeing the band. Turnover is from Virginia, Beach. Since the release of their sophomore album Peripheral Vision they always put on great sets. For those who never listen to Turnover before, their sound is a mix of Emo, Indie, and there some elements of Shoegaze. This band is pretty popular with the Pop Punk crowd as well with their first album Magnolia. Once they started they were a lot of people moved up to the front. During their first song there was crowd surfer which I found funny. When I saw them at Bowery Ballroom back in April there were a lot of people moshing and stage diving. Last Saturday was not the case. People were just having a good time by standing there and singing along to every song. Most of their set was from the album Peripheral Vision and they also play their new single from their 7 inch “Humblest of Pleasures”. Turnover played a great set and I am excited to see them again on Monday. If you have not seen Turnover you are messing up big time. They are one of the best bands out there right now.

Turnover, Sports, and Secret Space @ AMH 6/18/16