Upcoming Shows 5/27/16-6/2/16

Here’s another week of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. These are all Rock shows that are located in the Tri-State area.

May 27th

  1. AMH- Dowsing, Kittyhawk, Macseal, Discolor, Casanova.
  2. Brighton Bar- T.S.O.L., The Scandals, The Zombie Mafia, After The Burn.
  3. The Space- Yautja, Vein, Grizzlor, Insane Vision, City of Iron.
  4. Saint Vitus Bar- The Body, Uniform, Muslin.
  5. Baby’s All Right- Surf Cuse, Surf Rock is Dead, Beechwoos, Current Joys.
  6. Don Pedro- 45 Adapters, Changala, Eleventh Hour, The Wurst.
  7. Fitzies Irish Pub- Body Bag, Domestic Terror, Concrete, Last Breath of Man, Meth Mouth, Third Rail.
  8. The Grand Victory- Madam Robot and The Last Brigade, Snatch Attack, The Pizza Boys.
  9. Café Nine0 Heavy Breath, Intercourge, Mouth Breather, Mad Ski.
  10. C’mon Everybody- Teeth people, Tall Juan, Noods.
  11. The Chance- Lacuna Coil, 9 Electric, Painted Wives, Everwer.
  12. Union Pool- Total Slacker, Shelflife, Hotline, Faye.
  13. The Bell House- Luna, Heaven.
  14. The Gramercy Theatre- The Summer Set, Handsome Ghost, Royal Teeth, Callne Karizma.
  15. Sunnyvale- Misahisterica, Gun Culture, Night Rite, Skelptarsis.

May 28th

  1. Suburbia- Dowsing, Kittyhawk, Katie Ellen, Three Man Cannon.
  2. The Space- Cayetana, Copper Blue, Mom Pop+Co, TBA.
  3. Smithtown House Show- Save Face, Ahrest!, Table Talk, Bear Success, Hold Fast Hope, Crash The Calm.
  4. ABC No Rio- Shai Hulud, Vice, Idles, Annulment, Disappearances.
  5. Lucky 13 Saloon- Vow of Hatred, Dysentery, Last Breath of Man, Bodybag, Domestic Terror, Forced Out, Tomorrow’s Victim, Death Grip, Departed, Draw The Line, Get Ignorant.
  6. Dingbatz- The Ongoing Concept, Hotel books, Gatherers, Refinement, Bedtime Stories.
  7. The Meatlocker- L.M.I., Worst Case Scenario, Devon Goods, The SubCultures, Matt Koerner.
  8. Fuze Box- Left Behind, Born Low, Gator King, Life’s Not Fair.
  9. VFW Wallingford- Gone Without, Brickshot, Shots Fired, Lateral, Death bed Strangers, Limitless, TBA.
  10. The Grand Victory- Masam Robot and The Last Brigadem Snatch Attack, The Pizza Boys.
  11. Shea Stadium- T Rectasy, Fern Mayo, Wineheads, Anna Altmans, Bad Mouth.
  12. The Acheron- EX Cult, Pop. 1280, Tournament, Decorum.
  13. Saint Vitus Bar- Kayodot, Yautja, Geryon.

May 29th

  1. AMH- Left Behind, Mutiny Aboard, Newcomer, Silenus, Aegresco, Brain Waves.
  2. Highline Ballroom- Cro-Mags, CIV, Sheer Terror, Wisdom in Chains, Nine Lives, Extinction A.D.
  3. Tompkins Square Park- The Undead, The Omega Men, Spike Polite, Sweage NYC, Skitzoplis, Nico The Crow, The Wurst, Universal Truth Machine, Carla (No police state girl).
  4. Mercury Lounge- Ex-Cult, Dion Lanadon.
  5. The Acheron- CHud, Filth Hound, WAD, Sick Head.
  6. Flemington DIY- Casual, Everyone Leaves, Semiotics, Halogens, Bogues.

May 30th

  1. The Marlin Room at Webster Hall- Discharge, Eyehategod, Toxic Holocaust, Ringworm.
  2. The Acheron- Life Stinks, Surfboat, BruceXCampbell, TBA.

May 31st

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Venom INC, Necrophagia, Throoat.
  2. Mercury Lounge- Slothrust, Palmas.
  3. The Acheron- Moon Tooth, In Aeona, Tigers Flowers, Husbandary.
  4. Berlin NYC- The Britanys, Gold.

June 1st

  1. The Studio at Webster Hall- Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties, Allison Weiss, Can’t Swim, Cold Collective.
  2. The Grand Victory- Sketchy, The Seagulls, Cutters, TBA.
  3. Shea Stadium- Wall, Us Weekly, Beth Israel, Never.
  4. Saint Vitus Bar- Venom INC, Necrophagia, Throaat.

June 2nd

  1. The Studio at Webster Hall- Tiny Moving Parts, Pawn, Free Throw, Vasudeva.
  2. Arlene’s Grocery- Bully, LVL Up.
  3. Syosset VFW Hall- Figure Eight, Discolor, Korean League, Casanova, Catlike.
  4. The Grand Victory- The Jukebox Romantics, The Penske File, Rebuilder, Answering Machine.
  5. Cake Shop- The Men, Us Weekly, Beth Isreal, White Pieces.
Upcoming Shows 5/27/16-6/2/16

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