108 Songs from Holyname and Songs of Separation 5/22/16

Last Sunday 108 came back to play two shows at the Brooklyn venue Saint Vitus. One show was playing songs from their releases Holyname and Songs of Separation. The other show were songs from Threefold Misery, A New Beat from a Dead Heart, and Curse of Instinct. I only attend the matinee because those albums got me into the band. Both shows were sold out and both shows featured the same openers which were Sweet Jesus and Blacklisted. I was really excited for this show and I have been waiting for five years to finally see 108.

The opening band was Sweet Jesus. Sweet Jesus is from New England. The lead singer of the band is Pat Flynn who was the front man of Have Heart. This is one of his millions of side projects. I never got a chance to see Have Heart but I have seen his new project Free last December. Sweet Jesus played a pretty good set. There was no movement for them but I kind of expected that because Sweet Jesus is unknown plus it was also a matinee. Usually the matinee I have been to, people do not really go off that crazy. Besides that Sweet Jesus sounded really good and they are worth checking out and I liked this band more than his new band Free.

Up next was Blacklisted. Blacklisted is a band I have been waiting to see for a while. They are a Hardcore band from Philly. Once they started to play there was a pit for them. There were a lot of people charged up to the front to sing along. Blacklisted play a pretty good set and I felt there a lot not a lot of people there for them. I think if this show was for them or maybe the audience was a little younger they probably would have gotten a great reaction. Overall Blacklisted is a really good band to check out.

Up next was 108. I have been waiting for five years to see this bands. Once I saw the legendary documentary New York Hardcore I fell in love with this band. Before the band played their first song the man behind the website hate5six.com Sunny Singh played the Conch for the opening track of Holyname which lend into them playing “Grow.” 108 started to play and the crowd went off. There was a lot of stage dives and the pit was crazy. 108 set woke up the crowd for this set. Everyone seemed to go off at one point. Towards the end of the set they got their former guitarist Kate 08 to perform with them. This was pretty crazy because she has not played with 108 since 1995. She got a great reaction from the crowd. When they played the song “Deathbed”the place erupted. There were plenty of people who charged up to front to sing along. Once this set was over I knew nothing will ever beat this 108 set. 108 played all of the songs I wanted to hear and yes this band is worth seeing but if you missed this matinee you messed up big time. I am lucky I got this chance to see them and I am very happy how great 108 was. Once again Saint Vitus Bar put together another great show.

108 Songs from Holyname and Songs of Separation 5/22/16

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