Maryland Death Fest XIV

This weekend is the annual Maryland Death Fest. This Metal festival takes place in Baltimore, Maryland. This festival features all forms of extreme Metal genres and Punk genres. This festival starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday. This festival is always on Memorial Day weekend. The festival has three stages that are three different venues. The venues are Rams Head, Soundstage, and Edison Lot. For everyone who is going have a great time and enjoy yourself.

Thursday Day One May 26, 2016

Rams Head: Bongripper, Buzzoven, Crypt Sermon, Dopethrone, Earth, Goblin, The Offering, Weedeater.

Soundstage: Dehumanized, Disgorge, Internal Revulsion, Jungle Rot, Putrid Pile, Severe Torture, Visceral Disgorge, Waco Jesus.

Friday Day Two May 27, 2016

Edison Lot: Centinex, The Haunted, Khold, Mayhem, Novembers Doom, Horrendous, Paradise Lost, Samuel, Sinister, Wormed.

Soundstage: The Afternoon Gentlemen, BrucexCampbell, Ground, Hemdale, Magrudergrind, Repulsion, Rotten Sound, Sick of Stupidity, Skullshitter, Yacopsae.

Rams Head: Angel Corpse, Demonic Christ, Secrets of the Moon, Svartyjern.

Saturday Day Third May 28, 2016

Edison Lot: Atrophy, Demonical, Deranged, Exciter, Gruesome, Hail of Bullets, Hellbringer, Hirax, Impaled Nazarene, Nuclear Assault, Testament, Tulus.

Soundstage: Despise You, Discharge, Get Worse, Infest, General Surgery, Haremoorhage, Malignant Tumor, Negative Approach, Priapus, Severed Head of State, Whoresnation.

Rams Head: Aaroch, Craft, Dragged Into Sunlight, Grave Miasma, Saturnalia Temple.

May 29 Saturday

Edison Lot: Bongzilla, Demolition Hammer, Denouncement Pyre, Deseaster, Incantation, Interment, Nocturnal Graves, Satan, Shed The Skin, Venom, Wombbath.

Soundstage: Dead Church, Doom, Excel, Putrescence, Ringworm, Sanit’s Dawn, Sick Fix, Six Brew Bantha, Test Tragedy.

Rams Head: Phobocosm, Mitochondrion, Svartidauo, Mystixier.


Maryland Death Fest XIV

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