The Final NYC Weekend Nachos show 5/20/16

Last Friday Weekend Nachos played their final NY show. The venue for the show was Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn. This was my second and possibly my last time seeing this Powerviolence band. It is very unfortunate to see another band play their final show in 2016. Weekend Nachos had two Grindcore bands from the UK to play this show and also a local Long Island grind band as well. This show was sold out like most Vitus shows I have been too. Also most of the time the venue is 21+ but last Friday was 18+ which is cool because there are plenty fans in the age gap of 18-20 that want to say goodbye to Weekend Nachos.

Mother Brain was the opening band of the night. This is my fourth time seeing this Long Island Grindcore band. They are a three piece that features no bassist. Mother Brain put on a crazy set as always. Mother Brain is probably the best grind band on the Island. Once they started to play the band just went off. They sounded great the only thing was it took the crowd a little awhile to give them a reaction. Once they got a reaction everything was better. People seemed to really enjoyed them and I also notice that there were people who knew their words which is awesome. Overall Mother Brain played a great set and the rest of the bands that night shouted them out. If you like grind check out this upcoming band.

Up next was Get Worse. Get Worse is Grindcore band from the UK. Both UK bands Get Worse and The Afternoon Gentlemen shared members and never played the East Coast. This show was important for both bands. Get Worse had a unique style where there was three singers out of the four bands members. Usually something like that would sound bad but Get Worse got it to work out. The band got a little bit of a reaction from the crowd. Get Worse played a good set overall and I would like to see them again.

The Afternoon Gentlemen was up. The Afternoon Gentlemen are from Leeds, UK. As I mention before this was their first east coast tour and New York was the first stop on the tour. This band was pretty crazy. The crowd went off right once they started to play. I even notice people were singing along to their songs. I was pretty impressed by this. New York City gave both bands a lot of love. The Afternoon Gentlemen was the best opener of the night and I would see this band again. Both bands are Maryland Deathfest this weekend so if you are reading this and planning on going to that festival check out these bands.

Up next was Weekend Nachos. Weekend Nachos is another band Punk/Hardcore has to let go this year. It is always unfortunate to see a band break up. Weekend Nachos is from Chicago and could not believe I was seeing them for the last time. Once they started the crowd went off. This was crazier than the set I saw them play at ABC No Rio three years ago. The pit was crazy for them and it got pretty violent. During the set the lead singer John said something that truly makes sense about Punk Rock. He mentions that Weekend Nachos is going away but there are bands in their teens and twenties played small gigs and getting their name out their and also how we should support these new bands. This was probably the best speech I heard in a while and he is right. Overall Weekend Nachos played a great set that features a mix of old and news songs. The final song of the night was “Jock Powerviolence” which got everyone going off for them. New York City showed a lot of love for the band and Weekend Nachos played a great set. RIP Weekend Nachos.

The Final NYC Weekend Nachos show 5/20/16

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