Mac Demarco, Tall Juan, and Harsh Crowd @ Market Hotel

Last Tuesday Mac Demarco played the Market Hotel. This was a last minute show that got added on to his tour a week before hand. This was also his third sold out show in New York. The two previously nights he played the grand ballroom at Webster Hall. Mac Demarco made this show become a benefit for the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. The opening band Harsh Crowd was form in that Rock Camp. This was my second time going to this new Brooklyn Venue and they seemed they sold more ticket because there was a lot more people then the Citizen show and that was also a sold out show too.

The opening band Harsh Crowd was up. Harsh Crowd is a local act from New York. I mention before they are from the Rock Camp. Harsh Crowd started to play and they had a classic 1960’s sound. There was a mix of Garage Rock, Surf Rock, 1960’s Girl groups, Punk, and R & B. It was a good mix and they reminded me of Best Coast. They were a little bit more upbeat then Best Coast but they played great. The band had a perfect vibe for this show and these girls could rock. The crowd seemed to enjoy them and I was quite pleased with them. They were perfect opening up Mac Demarco and I would like to see them again opening up Wavves or FIDLAR or even Bully. If you like 1960’s style music this band is for you because there is  a lot of potential in this band and the ladies in the band are young and talented.

Up next was Tall Juan. For awhile I have been hearing about Tall Juan in the NYC scene. I never got the chance to listen to him. Tall Juan is from the City but born in Argentina. Tall Juan took a stage with two band members. At first I thought the set was going to be weird because he had only an acoustic guitar but it was an electric acoustic guitar. Once the band started to play I loved it. Tall Juan is very heavily influenced by The Ramones and 50’s Rock n Roll. The way Juan sings he reminds me a lot like Buddy Holly. The crowd seemed to enjoy the set. I could not believe how much I loved Tall Juan. The songs were short and catchy. Towards the end of the set people started to go crazy for them. There was a little pit for him and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Every song was great and I really hated when Juan said that it was their last song. Tall Juan is a great artist and is worth checking out.

Mac Demarco took the stage. Mac is from Canada and has become a big name in indie music scene. I recently became a fan of him and I love his laid back sound. Mac Demarco music is very influenced by 70’s music, Psychedelic Rock and some Jangle Pop. Mac Demarco brings a pretty diverse crowd to the show. I saw a mix of Punks, Hipsters, and alot of white collar workers  A lot of New Yorkers must really love him especially the fact that he played three sold out shows. Mac did a great thing with having this show becoming a benefit. The cause was great for having a camp dedicated to young women learning to play instruments and starting up bands. This is my first time seeing him and I had no idea how people react to him. Most of the set was pretty calm then people started to stage dive. The songs sounded great live and the performance of his backup band was great. I found it interesting that he was not in the middle of the stage but towards the right of the stage (Facing the crowd). The angle just seemed weird. Besides that he played my favorite song “Ode to Viceroy.” First time I heard this song I thought it was the greatest thing ever. I can not wait to see Mac again. He is a great performer and is worth checking out.


Mac Demarco, Tall Juan, and Harsh Crowd @ Market Hotel

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