Pouzza Fest 6

This upcoming weekend is the 6th annual Pouzza Fest. This is a festival that features a lot of punk rock band from North America and around the world. There are a lot of pun, hardcore, ska, and indie bands playing this festival.  The festival takes place in Downtown Montreal. The fest goes from Friday May 20th until May 22nd. To everyone who is going have a great time and enjoy yourself.


Less Than Jake, Sick of It All, The Sainte Catherines (Performing Dancing For Decadence), The Suicide Machines (Performing Destruction By Definition), The Planet Smashers (Performing Life of The Party), Big D and The Kids Table (Perform The Gipsy Hill), The Deadnoughts, Dead To Me, Belvedere, The Fleshtones, Ringworm, Get Dead, Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms, Les Breastfeeders, Such Gold, Lemuria, NightBirds, Flatfoot 56, Full of Hell, Drug Church, The Copyrights, Red Mass, WD40, The Hunters, The Murderburgers, A Perfect Murder, Get The Shot, Junior Battles, Mountain Man, Enforcers, Kittyhawk, Malfunction, Dowsing, Dig It Up, Barrasso, The Beatdown, The Penske File, Ariana Zita, The Lippies, The Creep, Ray Rocket, Wolf-Face, Typesitter, PL Mafia, Brutal Youth, Nightmares For A Week, The Slow Death, Save Ends, Break Anchor, Lost Love, Boids, Stop The Putz, The Dewtons, Walk The Plank, Vulgar Deli, A Minor Revolution, You Vandal, Weak Ends, The Rememberables, Red Arms, Trail of Lies, Pistols At Dawn, On The Cinder, One Flight Down, Old Towns, Oh My Snare!, OC-45, Neck, Moly Drag, Mansbridge, Insubordination, Half Truth, Dead Words, Cut Up, Bucky Harris, Behind Deadlines, Avenues, Harries, Excess, Swinging Flaws, Five Minute Major, Stuck Out Here, In The Meantime, The Snails, Barricade, Townes Cosentino, Rusty Feather, Escape Uken!, Dirty Kills, Bong Mountain, Morgan, Jess Lebourdais,  Deeper Well, The Valveenus, Colour Wheel, Elder Abuse, Peace Be Still, Plumm, Rebuilder, Sammy Kay, Audio Visceral, The Nasties, La Armada, Dark Circles, Blossom, Sunday, The Cardboard Swords, Dead Broke, TRTSS, The Drunken Wooblies, Les Happycuriens, Late Night Munchies, Merci Beaute, The Filthy, Radicals Scare, Sketchy, Green Cup, LA Querelle, Wayne Kennedy, Bastardous, The Raging Nathans, Brand New Lungs, Golden Python, Julius Summer Miller, Deja Mort, Molly Rhythm, Katie Ellen, The Stragglers, Loss Aversion, Curt Murder, Teenage Halloween, Up For Nothing, The Weak Days, Nuke, Better Things, Head Down, Strength What Remains, Due North, Stereomonroe, Fourth One, Trophy Lungs, Ate Bit, PKEW PKEW PKEW, City Mouse, Jonathan Becker, Dead Weights, Undesirable People, Bike Tuff, Bottle Kids, Speed Massacre, Talk Show Host, Wasted Potential, Prowl, Ninjas N Aliens, Frank & Earnest, ATD, Fucko, Dragged In, Jabber, Chuck Coles, Sink or Swim, Blurry Eyes, Apes, Condition Oakland, Charles Landry, Pale Lips, Jenn Fiorentino, Seth Anderson.

Pouzza Fest 6

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