Wild Fest 2016

This upcoming weekend Dead Broke Rekerds will be hosting a benefit festival at Amityville Music Hall. This is a day two day event filled with a lot of great Long Island bands. There is a couple of reunions happening at this festival. This is a benefit for the family of the late Robert McAllister (Iron Chic/Capital). McAllister passed away early this year. If you are attending this festival have a great time and enjoy yourself. You are doing a good thing for purchasing a ticket. If you are not able to make this show here is a link to donate https://www.youcaring.com/marisa-pulchin-502523

Day One May 20, 2016

Mind Over Matter, Capital (With Special Guest), Incendiary, Thieves & Assassins (Reunion), Take My Chances, Thirsty!, Fatal Erection (Reunion), Pushing Sides.

Day Two May 21, 2016

Crime In Stereo, Iron Chic, Agent (Reunion), Sister Kisser, Fellow Project, After The Fall, Broadcaster, Mouth.

Wild Fest 2016

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