Bane’s Last New York Show @The Marlin Room at Webster Hall

Last Sunday Bane played their last final New York City show. This was their last day on their final tour. This was a sold out show. Their final show is not until next month. Bane had Backtrack, Maximum Penalty, Malfunction and Manipulate opening up for them. Originally expire was on the bill but Malfunction was put on last minute. This show took place at the Marlin room of Webster Hall. The middle room is pretty cool and there’s no barricades so there were going to be plenty of stage dives for tonight.

The first band of the night was Manipulate. Manipulate is a hardcore band from New York City. This is my third time seeing them. This band features members from Backtrack, Suburban Scum, and Kill Your Idols. There were not a lot people there to see them play. I am not a huge fan of these guys I always found them boring but this time was different. They sounded really good and they got a little bit of a reaction. They played really tight. I was quite impressed with this set. The band has older guys in the band but they have strong songs that anybody could go off to. Check out their latest EP that came out this year called Becoming Madness.

Up next was Malfunction. Originally expire was suppose to play. I have no idea why the band dropped or what happen what so ever. I am actually glad because I am not a huge expire fan. They usually bore me every time I see them. Malfunction is a metallic hardcore band from Buffalo, New York. I have been waiting to see them for a while and it was pretty cool that they were able to play last minute. From start to finish people were going off for them. They had a pretty good reaction. It was cool seeing a band that got added on last minute getting a good feedback from the crowd. The band was heavy and I can not to see them again. I will be seeing them on long Island at Shakers Pub on May 26th.

The legendary New York hardcore band Maximum Penalty was up. This is my first time seeing this band. For me seeing an old school NYHC band is always cool so I was excited to see them. Once they started to play people were going off for them. There were a lot of people there for them. There were a lot of people singing along and I enjoyed this. It was cool seeing a legendary band and it’s really cool they dedicated the entire set to Sob the guitarist of Meruader. Overall Maximum Penalty is a classic band and is worth seeing.

Backtrack was up next. This is my fourth time seeing this Long Island hardcore band. This was my first time seeing them outside of Long Island. Usually their Long Island shows are killer because that is their home base. Just from the first song the crowd got into it. They opened up with my favorite song from them which is “Darker Half”. Backtrack is favorite in the local area of NYC and Long Island. The Audience gave them a lot of love. People were moshing, stage diving, and singing along, all of the normal acts at a hardcore show. Backtrack always put on a good set and they are worth seeing. If you have not seen this band you are messing up big time.

Bane was up and it was getting emotional in the audience. Right before this band started their set it hit me that I will never see this band again. This is my fifth time seeing this Massachusetts band. Bane started off having the original lineup with straight edge members and their songs got me leading into straight edge back in the summer of 2014. This band meant a lot to me and I am glad have a chance to see them for one last time. Bane started to play and the crowd went off. There were a lot of people stage diving and it was absolutely crazy. Sunday’s show was the best reaction I ever seen them get from an audience. I never see a sold out Bane show and I love the fact how crazy New York got for them. Bane is very important in hardcore and it sucks that Bane is going away. Bane will be playing their last show on June 18 at the Worcester Palladium with Title Fight, Terror, Modern Life is War, The Promise, Right Brigade, Cruel Hand, Rude Awakening, and a special guest. When Bane dies hardcore still lives and there will be new bands coming out day after day. Bane played a great set on Sunday and New York sent them off well. If you never saw Bane you truly messed up.

Bane- 10/10

Backtrack- 10/10

Maximum Penalty- 8/10

Malfunction- 8.5/10

Manipulate- 8/10

The Marlin Room- 9/10

Bane’s Last New York Show @The Marlin Room at Webster Hall

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