Basment, Turnstile, Defeater, Colleen Green @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 4/30/16

Last Saturday Basement came to Brooklyn to play their NYC area show of their tour. This was a sold out show at the music hall of Williamsburg. Basement was on tour with Turnstile, Defeater, and Colleen Green. When the tour was first announce I thought it was a weird lineup and people will probably not like the mixed lineup. For me I love Basement and Turnstile so I was excited to see them. Plus I was excited that this tour was coming to this venue and it was going to be a no barricade show. On Saturday this was not the case which I was extremely bummed about. I really cannot stand when there is a barricade at a punk/hardcore show. Personally I like seeing people having the freedom to sing the songs they love and share an important moment.

The opening act of the night was Colleen Green. Prior to this show I found out it was a solo artist. I was expect either an acoustic act or a post-punk revivals act but no she played something else. She brought an electric guitar and she had a drummer. Basically she and drummer were a duo. Green is from Los Angeles and the music she made sounded like a mix of The Ramones and Hole. The crowd seemed to enjoy their sound. The crowd was quiet for them and honestly she might have gotten a better reaction if she played with Ty Segull or bands like Bully or Metz. I feel her music is more geared to a garage rock audience. Overall she played a solid set and I would see her again.

The next band up was Defeater. This was my second time seeing this melodic hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts. I thought having Defeater on this lineup was weird but they got a good reaction from the crowd. Once they started, people charged up to the barricade, a pit opened up for them and people started to crowd surf. It sucks that the last time I saw them there was no barricade but this time with it people went a lot harder. New York City has a stronger melodic hardcore scene than Long Island I guess because the last time I saw them not a lot of people were going off for them. Also watching them play this set I did not feel bored. The last time I saw them I was really bored. If you like melodic hardcore this band is for you and they are worth seeing.

Up next was Turnstile. This is my eighth time seeing this Baltimore/ D.C. / Ohio hardcore band. From start to finish this set was wild. At least 75% of the crowd was going off. Turnstile has a 90’s feel to the band and they are very groovy. They always get the crowd going and people always go crazy for them. There was a lot of people moshing for them and pit seemed alright. I think a lot more people were singing and crowd surfing for them instead. When they played “Canned Heat” the band let Basement play the song. Most of Turnstile jumped in the crowd. This got the place going crazy. At this point people just rushed the barricade and dove off the stage. It was crazy seeing people jumping with a barricade. Security lost control at this rate. It was insane. This was probably one of the wildest set I ever seen them play. Turnstile is a great band live and 100 % worth seeing live. Everyone who is reading this and never seen this band is messing up big time.

Finally Basement took the stage. This is my fifth time seeing this band play. Earlier in the day I saw them play an acoustic set at the clothing store Fred Perry. This was a few blocks away from the venue. Basement is a British band that mixes pop punk and emo with grunge influences. The band has very catchy songs and gets the crowd going. I notice in the beginning of their set people have left which I thought was dumb. Basement always put on a great show and are worth staying. Just like the set before Turnstile took over during Basement to play “Bad Apple.” This time no one jumped in the crowd. The crowd was going off for this set. It was little weak compare to the last set Turnstile play. Overall Basement played a fanatic set and I enjoyed them a lot. Basement is a great a band are worth checking out. One of my favorite live bands right now.

Basement- 10/10

Turnstile- 10/10

Defeater- 8/10

Colleen Green- 8.5/10

Music Hall of Williamsburg- 9/10


Basment, Turnstile, Defeater, Colleen Green @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 4/30/16

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