Devoid of Hope Record Release Show 4/22/16 @AMH

Last Friday at AMH the local Long Island band Jukai had their record release show for their latest EP Devoid of Hope. The EP streamed online last December on Mass Movement record’s bandcamp. There were a lot of people packed in AMH and this show nearly sold out. Jukai had some really good bands open up for them. Long Island own King Nine and New Jersey’s Lifeless were on the bill which caused a huge draw of people to come out and support this show. This was a big Long Island Hardcore show and if you missed it you messed up big time.

The opening band of the night was Sanction. Sanction is from Long Island and they capture the sound of late 90’s and early 2000’s metalcore. This was my fifth time seeing them. Sanction started a year ago and has improved as a band so much. This band is great and they progressive so well. The crowd’s reaction was okay at first. As the set continue more and more people started to go off in the pit. The last song got really crazy and I love the violence that was brought with it. If you like really real metalcore this band is for you. Sanction is really good and listens to their EP With Blood Left Uncleansed.

The next band up was Hatred Remains. Hatred Remains was formally named Enraged Youth. This is my second time seeing this Connecticut Hardcore band. I am pretty sure this is their first show with the name change because they changed it a few days prior to this show. CTHC is a great scene with a lot of heavy duty bands. I saw them back in February in Connecticut and absolutely loved them. When this was announced I was excited to see them on the lineup. Hatred Remains kicks a lot of ass. The reaction from the crowd was okay. They probably had the weakest reaction of the night which is disappointing. Besides that Hatred Remains is one of the top bands coming out of Connecticut right now and are 110% worth to check out.

Recycled Earth was up next. This is my third seeing this HVHC band. For those who are reading who do not know what that stands for is Hudson Valley Hardcore. Recycled Earth is an Upstate band that is heavily influenced by All Out War. From start to finish they had a great reaction from the crowd. They had a lot of people going off for them. Recycled Earth was heavy and people from every scene in surrounding areas of Long Island went off in the pit. This was a great set overall. The band sounded really good and if you have not seen this band you are messing up.

Lifeless took the stage. This was my fifth time seeing this New Jersey Hardcore band. This was my first time seeing them play AMH even though I have seen them play Long Island multiple times but never at AMH. Lifeless I never cared for until their last album Dream came out last year. I was expecting a lot of people to go off for this set and I was right. Lifeless set was crazy. This was not the heaviest set I ever seen them play but they played a really good set. The set mixed of old songs and a brand new song. Overall Lifeless is a great heavy hardcore band and hopefully they return to the NY/LI area soon.

Long Island King Nine was up next. This was my seventh time seeing this band. The last time I saw this band was last December opening up for Burn and Mindset. That was the tamest King Nine set ever. Last Friday made up for it. The band announced a few days prior that this was one of two shows they will be playing on Long Island this year. King Nine played a great set and the crowd reaction was great. People were moshing, stage diving, and singing along. King Nine even played their new song “The Art of War” which was pretty sick and got a good reaction for it. Long Island showed a lot of love for this band and King Nine never disappoints at all. I recommend everyone who is reading this to see this band.

Jukai was the final band of the night. It was cool seeing a Local Long Island band to be the last ones to play and it was cool that a lot of people stayed. This was very important. This was my eighth time seeing this band. Jukai takes a lot of influences from Disembodied and other classic metalcore bands from that era. Jukai played a great set. The crowd went really hard for every song and I enjoyed every second of it. This band always plays great sets and they always have great reactions. It was really cool that a lot of people came out for this event and gave them a lot of support. The lead singer mentioned how this show means to the band and how they are thankful for the event. Overall this was a fun show and this was something for the books for Long Island Hardcore.

Jukai- 10/10

King Nine- 10/10

Lifeless- 9/10

Recycled Earth- 9/10

Hatred Remains- 9/10

Sanction- 9/10

AMH- 9/10




Devoid of Hope Record Release Show 4/22/16 @AMH

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