Citizen, Turnover, Sorority Noise, and Milk Teeth @ The Market Hotel 4/18/15

Last Monday I saw Citizen play NYC again but in a different venue and borough. The show was at the Market Hotel in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The venue is two blocks away from the other venues like the Palisades and The Silent Barn. Originally this show was supposed to be at Shea Stadium which is my favorite venue in Brooklyn but they change it two months ago. The Market Hotel was interesting because it right next to the train station of the J, M, and Z line. The venue probably holds 300 and the stage is small. Out of three venues in the area I prefer this one. The show was sold out but the venue felt like there was a lot of open space to move around.

The first band of the night was Milk Teeth. This is my second time seeing this British Grunge worship band. Milk Teeth started to play and the band went off. Milk Teeth set was really good but unfortunately the crowd was not going off. Comparing the Bowery Ballroom show and this show is that the crowd really liked Milk Teeth on Saturday. Last Monday no one was moshing to Milk Teeth and going crazy. Brooklyn was very quite for this set. Overall Milk Teeth is a great band and they are a lot of fun live. If you like 90’s Alternative rock and Grunge bands then this band is for your liking.

The next band up was Sorority Noise. This is my third time seeing this band. They are a four piece from Hartford, Connecticut. Once they started to play people rushed up to the stage in which I was expected from last Saturday’s show. The crowd sang along to every song and people were going off. The crowd was kind of tame compare to the other show. People were moshing and there were some stage dives but overall the crowd was relax. The band did the same thing as Saturday as in covering a brief 15 second cover of Title Fight’s “Secret Society.” This show the band seemed boring but they played the same exact set but it was probably the crowd. I never got into this band but they are a good live band.

Turnover was up next. This is my fifth time seeing them. Turnover is from Virginia Beach. Their sound mixes Shoegaze with Emo and Pop Punk influences. Their music instrumentally would sound great by the beach but lyrical their music is depressing. They played a great set and most of their set was from their 2015 album Peripheral Vision. This set was a laid back set. Last Saturday was different case. People were moshing and stage diving. When Turnover played their last song “Cutting My Fingers Off,” people charged up to the stage and started to mosh. People were going crazy. I am not a huge fan of people moshing to Turnover because Turnover is not a heavy band or an aggressive band. Turnover is supposed to be chill. Overall if you have not check this band out or seen this band you are messing up big time.

Citizen was about to get on stage. A good portion of the crowd left once Turnover got off just like Saturday sow. This was my third time seeing Citizen. Citizen played a great set. Their set was exactly like Saturday’s show that featured songs from both Youth and Everybody Is Going to Heaven.  There was a pit for them and the crowd gave them a great reaction. As I mention before the Saturday show had a lot a better reaction from the crowd. I was really bummed out because of this. Still this was a great set, a good show, and the entire lineup performed well. I recommend everyone who is reading this to check these bands if you have never listen to them before.

Citizen- 10/10

Turnover- 10/10

Sorority Noise- 8/10

Milk Teeth- 9/10

The Market Hotel- 9/10


Citizen, Turnover, Sorority Noise, and Milk Teeth @ The Market Hotel 4/18/15

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