Zao, Old Wounds, and Jesus Piece @ AMH 4/15/16

Late last Friday East Coast Collective put together a show after Nails. The legendary Metalcore band Zao played Long Island for the first time in years. There were quite of few people who stuck around after the Nails set to see the late show. This was my first time I ever attend a late show. The doors were 11:30 and I left the show after two in the morning so the night was long.

The opening band of the night was Jesus Piece. Jesus Piece is a heavy Hardcore band from Philly. This was my second time seeing this five piece hardcore band. When the lead singer announces the band’s name the place erupted and people went off. At first it seems that the pit was crazy then it seemed that it became tame. The first time I saw this band I got thrown into a drum set in another room at Shakers Pub. Jesus Piece crushed it and I am excited to see them again. This band is 100% worth seeing.

The next band was Old Wounds. This was my third time seeing this New Jersey Metalcore band. Old Wounds has a Gothic vibe but they are not like Motionless in White and coping Marilyn Manson. They worship 90’s Metalcore and they put it in their own style. These guys are straight up in your face literally the lead singer goes on the floor and screams into peoples faces. My personal experience from the first time seeing them back in 2014. Old Wounds are a great band and they got a great reaction from the crowd. It is crazy that this band will be playing at Warped Tour. They deserve a lot of credit and probably my favorite current band from New Jersey.

Zao was up next. As I mention before Zao is classic Metalcore band from West Virginia. This was my first time seeing this band. I remember the first time hearing this in 2008 and I could not believe when this show announced that I would have a chance to see them. Zao played their first song and no one went off. No one moshed until the third song and I thought that was odd. At a few points of the set the pit was crazy but overall I expected it to be really crazy. Zao played a weird set and I was expecting a lot from it but I think the opening bands were so much better. I have seen some classic Metalcore bands like On Broken Wings and Poison The Well but Zao was very tame. Overall the set was descent but the entire show was great.

Zao- 7.5/10

Old Wounds- 10/10

Jesus Piece- 9/10

AMH- 9/10


Zao, Old Wounds, and Jesus Piece @ AMH 4/15/16

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