Nails, Black Anvil, Barge, and NYC Head Hunters @ AMH

Last Friday Nails finally played Long Island. Nails played an almost sold out show at Amityville Music Hall. Nails were not on tour, they just played this show and the following day in Philly for the festival Choosing Death. The opening bands of the night were Black Anvil, NYC Head Hunters, and Barge. It was pack crowd at AMH and there were was a mix of Hardcore fans and Metal fans. I was really excited to finally see Nails and see how Long Island would go off for them.

The first band of the night was NYC Head Hunters. This was my fourth time seeing this 1980’s worship Hardcore band. This was my first time seeing them play outside of Brooklyn. NYC Head Hunters played a pretty good set. No one moshed until the third or fourth song which I kind of expected which is unfortunate for the band. I like the band and style but I don’t think Long Island is big into them. One thing I was surprised about was the lead singer not going off in the crowd. Usually he jumps in the crowd and goes off to his own music. This was not the case but they still played a good set.

Barge was up next. Barge is a Hardcore/Powerviolence band from Richmond, Virginia. From start to finish this band got a reaction. There were not a lot of people going off but they had a few people up front going off for them. A band like this usually does not peak at Long Island interested because there is no Powerviolence scene here on Long Island. If this show was in Brooklyn Barge would have gotten a better reaction from the crowd. Still I personally enjoyed this set and became a fan of this band. I would love to see this band again.

Black Anvil was up next. Black Anvil is a NYBM band which stands for New York Black Metal. The band features a member of the legendary band Long Island band Kill Your Idols. The band came on from the back of AMH covered in Pig’s blood on their faces. This was something really different. They walked from the back and people were like wow this is crazy. They had some ghoulish music playing to their entrance. It was crazy. This was my first time seeing a Black Metal band play AMH and it was something else. Personally I am not into Black Metal but it was kind of cool. Unfortunately there were a lot of people outside who just did not care at all. The music was alright and they probably played the longest set of the night which was kind of annoying. It seemed that people were getting antsy for Nails to come on. If you like Black Metal then check this band out.

Finally Nails took the stage. The entire show Nails had this huge Nails flag covering the background of the stage. Nails are a Hardcore/Powerviolence band from California. They feature Taylor Young from the bands Twitching Tongues and Disgrace.  Nails played a ridiculous twenty sometime minute set. The reaction they got was great. When a show is crowded it is hard to move but there a lot of people in the pit for this set. Every time they played a break down fist were flying and it was insane. Also there circle pits at AMH which is a very rare thing at a show. Nails also played some new songs that got really good reactions. Nails announce they will come back to the East Coast in June and there will be a NYC date. Also the new album will be released on June 17 titled You Will Never Be One Of Us. Nails played a great set and if you have not seen them you’re messing up big time.

Nails- 10/10

Black Anvil- 6/10

Barge- 9/10

NYC Head Hunters- 8/10

AMH- 9/10



Nails, Black Anvil, Barge, and NYC Head Hunters @ AMH

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