Citizen, Turnover, Sorority Noise, and Milk Teeth @ The Bowery Ballroom

Last Saturday Citizen on the headline tour played the NYC venue the Bowery Ballroom. They are currently on tour with Turnover, Sorority Noise, and Milk Teeth. This was my first at this venue where the show was 16+. Usually the place always has 18+ or 21+ shows. Also this was my third time coming here and the third time a show I came here for was sold out. The two previously shows were Bad Religion and Dinosaur Jr. The only thing I do not like about this venue is that shows start late here, either shows start at 8 or 9 or I am not a fan of that especially relying on the LIRR to get home. This is also a no barricade show.

The first band of the night was Milk Teeth. Milk Teeth is a band from the United Kingdom that revivals the 90’s Grunge era. They are a four piece and they were so good. Every song was great the crowd seemed to dig it. At one point a pit opened up for them. The band sounded pretty good live and there was no complicates from me. I could see this band again night after night. I love they EP Sad Sack and their debut LP Vile Child. If you like Grunge this band is for you.

Up next was Sorority Noise. Sorority Noise is from Hartford, Connecticut. This was the only band on the lineup that I never got into before. I saw them back in December on Long Island opening up Modern Baseball. I was not a huge fan of them but this set was different. Once they started the place erupted and I could not believe how many people were singing along to them. This band blew up and NYC went crazy for them. During one of their songs they played a few lines from Title Fight’s song “Secret Society” which I thought was funny because Ben Russin (Drummer of Title Fight) was there on stage. Overall I really enjoyed this set and I can not wait to see them play the Brooklyn show.

Turnover took the stage. This is my fourth time seeing this Indie Rock band from Virginia Beach. Turnover takes the style of Shoegaze and mixes with Pop Punk. The last time I saw them was back on Long Island when they opened up for The Story So Far and Basement. Turnover started to play and everyone was singing along to each song. Most of the songs they played this set were from Peripheral Visions and they played their new song “Humblest Pleasures.” All of sudden people start to mosh and stage dive for Turnover. I thought this was really weird but overall Turnover seemed to enjoy it. Turnover always plays a great set and if you have never seen this band you are missing out.

Citizen took the stage. This is my second time seeing this five piece band from Michigan. It seemed like good portion of people left the show which I thought was stupid because Citizen is a great band. Once they started to play people were moshing, charged up to the front, and stage dive. Citizen played a great set. Their set mixed with songs from Youth and Everyone is Goes to Heaven. Personally I love new album more than the first album which I was singing along to more this set. I really enjoyed the crowd reaction for the old and news songs. Overall Citizen played a great set.

Citizen- 10/10

Turnover- 10/10

Sorority Noise- 8/10

Milk Teeth- 9/10

The Bowery Ballroom- 9/10


Citizen, Turnover, Sorority Noise, and Milk Teeth @ The Bowery Ballroom

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