New England Metal and Hardcore Festival

This upcoming weekend is the annual New England Metal and Hardcore festival. This annual festivals brings a mix of genres to Worchester, Massachusetts. See the best bands in Hardcore, Metal, Metalcore, Death Metal, Black Metal, and forms of Metal. This year the fest is only a two festival and will be taking place at the usually spot, the Palladium. To everyone who is going have a great time and safe travels.

Friday April 15, 2016 Day One

The Black Dahlia Murder, Bury Your Dead, Madball, On Broken Wings, Fallujah, Oceano, Disentomb, Great American Ghost, Merauder, Traitors, At Rivers Black, Varials, Left Behind, Pathogenic, Carnivora, Without Warning, Begat The Nephilim, A Fathom Farewell, Epicenter, Foundations, The Days Ahead.

Doors are at 3pm

Saturday April 16, 2016 Day Two

Killswitch Engage, Memphis May Fire, Unearth, 36 Crazyfists, Earth Crisis, ZAO, Ringworm, Reflections, Toothgrinder, Currents, Jesus Piece, Ghost Key, Unlocking The Truth, Exalt, Jynx, Hollow Earth, Wind Walkers, Old Wounds, In Depths & Tides, Hope Before The Fall, On Your Deathbed, Gator King, Of Nations, Inari, Graviton.

Doors are at 1pm


New England Metal and Hardcore Festival

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