NYC Head Hunters, Depths of Reality, Glory, Liberty, Countdown @ 538 Johnson

Last Friday I went to the DIY venue 538 Johnson in Brooklyn, New York. For the past couple of years I have seen plenty of videos on Youtube that took place at this venue. I always wanted to check this place out and see what this venue was about. The venue looked like a squat and some people were living there I guess but I thought it was wild. The idea of having a spot to crash in and throw a show seemed pretty cool. I thought the place got really weird when people started to smoking inside the venue. This place had no rules at all. This was not a sold out show but it seemed pretty crowd. The place probably holds over 100 people maybe.

The opening band of the night was Countdown. Countdown is a Hardcore band from NYC/MA. This was also their first show and for the first show they got a pretty good reaction. Every song had a pit and I notice people singing along with the words which I thought was cool. Usually opening bands  can get a terrible reaction where people are just staying there and with their arms folded. This is was not the case. A few weeks before leading up to this show I notice that the band’s demo has been shared all over place. I listen to the demo before hand and I liked it. The band style is 1980’s NYHC and the rest of the crowd seemed to like it a lot. Hopefully I get another chance to see this band again.

The next band was Liberty. Liberty is a local NYHC band that has strong late 80’s and early 90’s NYHC influences. This was their second show. I miss their first show when arrived late when they opened up for Angel Dust at the Acheron a few weeks prior. This band was a five piece and their bassist is Ned Russin who is the singer and bassist of Title Fight. The band started to play and they had a pit going off for them. I really like this band a lot and they reminded me of the Cro-Mags. To me this was my favorite set of the night and I would like to see them again.

Up next was Glory. Glory is from CT/MA. Glory is a new band that features Sam from the record label Triple B on the bass. Right off the bat people went off and I saw people rushing up to grab the mic. The lead singer was moshing to his own music and this band got the crowd really amped up. Their style was very fast pace Hardcore and with plenty of two-step parts. This band had a pretty good set overall and I enjoyed them a lot.

The next band up was Depths of Reality. Depths of Reality are from Western Massachusetts and they really got the crowd going. The originally lineup was suppose to be them playing last but I guess they change it last minute. Depths of Reality had the best crowd reaction of the night. At one point it got really crazy and everyone was going off. The band performance was really good and I would like to see this band again. With a lineup like this would be insane if this show was in Boston or somewhere in MA since that state worships this style of Hardcore.

The last band of the night was NYC Head Hunter. This was the only band I have seen previously to this show. This was my third seeing them play and also my first time seeing them headline a show. NYC Head Hunter style is reminisces of the 1980’s Hardcore Punk era. The crowd was moving and I loved the fact that the lead singer was charging at the crowd every couple of songs. Out of all of the bands that played tonight they were more unique because they did not take the Youth-Crew style or late 1980’s NYHC style. Overall they are a good Punk band and out of the three times I saw them this was the best set they played and best reaction from the crowd. The next time I’ll be seeing them will be this upcoming Friday at AMH in Long Island opening for Nails which should be interesting.

NYC Head Hunter- 9/10

Depths of Reality- 9/10

Glory- 8/10

Liberty- 10/10

Countdown 8/10



NYC Head Hunters, Depths of Reality, Glory, Liberty, Countdown @ 538 Johnson

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