Upcoming Shows 4/8/16-4/14/16

Here’s a list of shows I would like you to check out. Please note that most of these shows are in the Tri-State area. These shows are mostly rock n roll.

April 8th

  1. 538 Johnson- Depths of Reality, NYC Head Hunters, Glory, Liberty, Countdown.
  2. Shakers Pub- In Transitions, Ornaments, Actor/Observer, Arrowhead, Bite Your Tongue.
  3. The Studio at Webster Hall- Counterparts, Expire, Gideon, Knocked Loose, Provenance.
  4. GamechargerWorld- Carousel Kings, The Ones You Forget, For Our Lifetime, The Awakened, A Boy Named John, Moral of the Story, Stay at Home Dads, Joy Ride, Until We Get Caught.
  5. The Silent Barn- Future Punx, Plattenbau, Decoram.
  6. My Pizza Place- Red Vision, Cease To Resist, Against Your Will, Hangman, Forced Out, Cruel World.
  7. The Grand Victory- The Avengers, Les Sans Calottes, Youthquake.
  8. Fitizes Irish Pub- Brick By Brick, Consumed with Hatred, Drained, Head Splitter.
  9. Obriens- Canker Blossom, A Day Amongst Martyrs, Wade Wicks & The Crucifix, The Target Audience, Kicking It Live, Felix, Short Notice.

April 9th

  1. Beerys- Wax Phantom, Tender Defender, Broadcaster, Way Harsh.
  2. The Log Cabin- Break Away, 96, Red Vision, Vengeance, Prospect, MVA, Hangman.
  3. ABC No Rio- Die Choking, Sunrot, Abacus, Pink
  4. GamechangerWorld- Counterparts, Expire, Gideon, Knocked Loose, The Greatest Virtue.
  5. Saint Vitus Bar- Uniform, Latisha’s Skull Drawing, Banbara, Conduit.
  6. Black Bear Bar- Hidden in Plain View.
  7. Shea Stadium- The Unlovables, Emily Brodsky, Shellshag, Houseboat, Al Scorch.
  8. The Acheron- Tau Cross, Morne, Trenchgrinder.
  9. Cake Shop- Wildhoney, Parrort Dream, Arc Waves, The Mells.
  10. Greasy Manor- Coldsweats, Resin, Dream Team, Human Overdoze.
  11. Freehold American Legion- The Undead, After The Burn, Jon Laspi & The First Gang, The Jasons, Gravity Wall.
  12. The Grand Victory- Highschool Football Heroes, Playing Dead, Survay Says!, Sketchy.
  13. The Grand Victory- Zero Boys, Citizen Blast Kane.
  14. Shakers Pub- Ramming Speed, Draw The Line.

April 10th

  1. The Acheron- Wildhoney, Spirit of The Beehive, Heaven’s Gate, Big Bliss.
  2. The Grand Victory- Peter and The Test Tube Babies, The Bad Engrish, Drunk Rampage.
  3. Goldsounds- Crash The Calm, Only Siblings, At The Ready.
  4. AMH- Trophy Wives, Older Than Oceans, Wings of Whale, Memento, Adix, Sam Pollet.
  5. Revolution Bar- Internal Bleeding, Thracian, Inlucid Drams, Path We Choose, Aegresco.
  6. Championships Bar- Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Dyshoria, Wolves Attack, Eaten Alive, Consumed With Hatred, Urban Resist, Crooked Society.
  7. Warhouse Collective- Tender Defender, Trophy Lungs, Make War, Pass Away.

April 11th

  1. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Bleached, No Parents, OCDPP.
  2. Gramercy Theatre- Fear Factory, Soilwork.
  3. Lucky 13 Saloon- Yellow Eyes, Sagunie Eagle.
  4. FuzeBox- MDC, Deathwish, Neutron Rats, Chloroform Party.

April 12th

  1. The Arena- The Amphibious Man, Gottem, Divorce, Yuppy.
  2. Warsaw- The Kills, Kim and The Created.
  3. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Yuck, Big Thief.
  4. Brooklyn Bowl- Steel Pulse, Organically Good Trio.
  5. Webster Hall- Abbath, High on Fire, Skeleton Witch, Tribulation.
  6. Saint Vitus Bar- Mikey Erg, Tender Defender, Shellshag, Couple Hundo.
  7. Don Pedro- The Pessimists, Sem Hastro, The Brass, Pox, Nandas.
  8. The Grand Victory- U.S. Bastards, Ass Falcon, The Nuclears.
  9. Mercery Lounge- Tacocat, Boyfriends, Daddy Issues, IAN.
  10. Bowery Ballroom- The Dandy Warhols, Seratones.

April 13th

  1. Aviv- Weatherbox, Enemies, Vasudeva.
  2. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Porches, Alex G, Your Friend.
  3. Brooklyn Bowl- Steel Pulse, Organically Good Trio.
  4. Bowery Ballroom- The Dandy Warhols, Seratones.
  5. Webster Hall- Thao and The Get Down Stay Down, Saint Seneca, Little Scream.
  6. Saint Vitus Bar- Corrosion of Conformity, Motherships
  7. The Silent Barn- Gauche, Wall, Alice Cohen, Hothead.
  8. Palisades- Tacocat, Lisa Prank.
  9. Shea Stadium- Audacity, Mannequin Pussy, Big Huge.
  10. The Club House- Ramming Speed, Stinger, Covulasant.
  11. Fuze Box- Expire, Trife Life, Born Low, Artisan.

April 14th

  1. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Napalm Death, The Melvins, Melt-Banana.
  2. AMH- The Black Dahila Murder, Fallujah, Disentomb, Cryptodira.
  3. Playstation Theater- Underoath, Caspian.
  4. Rough Trade NYC- Nothing Nowhere, The Obessives, ROMP.
  5. The Space at Westbury- Steel Pulse, Oogee Wawa.
  6. The Capitol Theatre- Iggy Pop.
  7. Terminal 5- Ween.
  8. Irving Plaza- The Joy Formidable, Everything Everything.
  9. The Silent Barn- Japanese Breakfast, Roof Doctor, Friendship, Fits.
  10. Shea Stadium- Future Punx, Pasol, Nude Beach.
  11. The Acheron- Ramming Speed, Casual, Pink Mass, Mauler.
  12. The Space- Yuck, Saint Seneca, Little Scream.
  13. The Webster- Expire, Shots Fired, Values, Brickshot.





Upcoming Shows 4/8/16-4/14/16

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