Damaged City Fest 2016

This is upcoming weekend is annual D.C. Punk Festival Damaged City Fest. This is a three day festival that is strictly DIY and takes place in multiple venues. There will be a pre-show on April 7th. The festival official starts April 8th and ends April 10th. For everyone who is going have a good time and stay safe.

 Pre-Show April 7th, 2016

The Pinch: Tau Cross, Genocide pact, Drug Control, Dagger Moon, Krimewatch, Bust Off.

Day One April 8th, 2016

All Souls Unitarian Church: Systematic Death, Zero Boys, Blood Pressures, Dame, Busted Outlook, Stand Off.

The Pinch: Post Teens, Sem Hastro, Digital Octopus, Power, Homosuperior.

Day Two April 9th, 2016

Calvary Methodist Church: The Avengers, Sheer Mag, La Urss, S.H.I.T., Torso, Coke Bust, Caught in a Crowd, Protester, Youth Avoiders, Depths of Reality, Pessimists, Firewalker, Firing Squad, Holders Scar, Collusion.

The Pinch: Eel, Triage, Rubbish, Stalled Minds, Radiation Risks.

Day Three April 10th, 2016

Open Studio DC: Gaucho, J.J. Doll, Flasher, Zipper.

The Black Cat: Systematic Death, The Goons, Disguise, Odd Man Out, Kombat.





Damaged City Fest 2016

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