March Releases

So the first quarter of this year is over. March had some pretty solid releases. Here is a list of releases I thought were good this month. This list contains LPs, EPs, Splits, Demos, Comps, Promo, and Singles. Most of the music is mix with Punk, Indie, Metal, Hardcore etc.

My top 3 releases of the month

  1. Regulate- Years of Rage
  2. Separated- Force Fed Misery
  3. Turnover- Humblest Pressure b/w Change Irreversible

Here are other releases I found cool and worth checking out.

Big Ups- Before A Million Universes

Cease 2 Resist- Living Proof

Corrective Measure- EP Promo

Detriment- Rest with the Dead

The Falcon- Gather up The Chops

The Great Big Susiepalooza Comp Vol. 1

Heavens Die- Spring Promo 2016

Into It Over It- Standards

The Lippies- The Lippies

Mercy Blow- Second Suffering

Plague Vendor- Blood Sweet

Point Blank- Burden of Humanity

Rats Rest- On the Eastside

Rhythm of Fear- Maze of Confusion

Slingshot Dakota- Break

Snow Roller- What’s The Score?

The Sun Days- Album

Tourniquet- Anatomy of Obsession

Varials/Vicious Embrace- Absolution





March Releases

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