Upcoming Shows 4/1/16-4/7/16

Here’s another week of shows I would like you to check out. Please note all of these shows are in the Tri-State area.  This is a mix genre list featuring Punk, Hardcore, Pop Punk, Metal, Indie, etc.

April 1st

  1. Shakers Pub- Mountain Man, Trenchfoot, Petal Head, Facility, People Temple Project, New Plague.
  2. The Meatlocker- Spirits, Impact, Wastelands, Mase, Deadhead.
  3. Aviv- Slingshot Dakota, For Everest, Katie Ellen, White Pisces.
  4. Mercury Lounge- Mad Blum, Leah Will Baum (Slothrust), Vagabon, Real Like Buildings.
  5. Rough Trade NYC- Weezer.
  6. Saint Vitus Bar- Bongzilla, Black Cobra, Kings Destroyer, Lopan.
  7. The Stone Pony- The Expendables, Passafire, Roots of Creation, Tunnel Vision.
  8. Shea Stadium- Frankie Cosmos, Eskimeaux, Anna McClellan.
  9. GoldSounds- Skarroneros, The new Resistants, Glowing Eyed Friends, Brother Jerone.
  10. Black Bear Brooklyn- Skinny Lister, Beans on Toast, Will Varvey.
  11. Don Pedro- Andy Social and The Antidotes, Disposable, Caldor Kids, Bed Pan Fight, Rough Dids, Alouth.
  12. The Grand Victory- Joe Jack Talcan (Dead Milkmen), Crazy and The Brains, Trashy.
  13. AMH- Norma Jean, He is Legend, Forevermore, Rival Choir, Give Up The Goods, Restwell.

April 2nd   

  1. ABC No Rio- Fissure, Infinite Pizza, Goolagoon, Straphangers.
  2. Cop Frat- Pink Mass, Haagenti, Blame God, Thaetas.
  3. Mercury Lounge- Laura Steven, Crying, Chris Farren, Anika Pyle.
  4. Saint Vitus Bar- Norma Jean, He is Legend, Forever More, Rival Choir.
  5. Marlin Room at Webster Hall- Unwritten Law, Fenix TX, Suck Brick Kid, The Untemitted.
  6. Goldsounds- Bloody Your Hands, NGHTCRWLRS, Self Help.
  7. Aviv- The Men, No Ice, Junk Boys, Beach Craft Bonanza.
  8. Black Bear Bar- Tri-State Era, Arrows in Her, Forever Losing Sleep.
  9. The Acheron- Daylight Robbery, Split Feet, Hat Rabbits, Electro Insides, Crusher.
  10. The Bell House- The Slackers, The Far East, The Ladrones.
  11. 73 See Gallery & Design Studio- Wheel & Flame, Mike Pays Heat, In Written, Toy Cars, Dutch Boys.
  12. The Meatlocker- Ubasute, Dejagravy, Uncle Mark, Furnace Head, TBA.
  13. Rutgers University Cook Student Center- A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Paddle Plusher, Rite Fishbone, Milkmen, Dollys, Modern Chemistry.
  14. Lucky 13 Saloon- Danse de Sade, The Thrill Sergeants, Universal Time Machine, Alouth.
  15. The Grand Victory- Robyn Hitchcock, Emma Stuff.
  16. Mill Hill Basement- The Undead, The Groucho Marxists, Shaboizi, Disasters Committee, The Holy Terror.
  17. Shakers Pub- The Gangsta Rabbi, Jagger Lolly, Part Time Bear, The Young Rochelles, Yum-Yuckers, Acid Boy.
  18. Hollis Wood Community Church- Another Astronaut, So Yesterday, My Kinda Fire, PM Radio, Good Intentions, Winds of Saturn.
  19. Shea Stadium- Frankie Cosmos, Eskimeaux, Anna McClellan.

April 3rd

  1. My Pizza Place- Westpoint, Womb of Nations, Bedrock Division, Endsmeet, High Card, Throat Culture, Pin Finger.
  2. AMH- Slingshot Dakota, Somerset Thrower, Casanova, Adult Magic.
  3. The Paramount- The Wonder Years, Tiny Moving Parts, Microwave, letlive.
  4.  Shea Stadium- The Falcon, The Lippies, The Scandals, Makewar.
  5. Sunnyvale Brooklyn- My Pizza My World, All Torn Up!, Nomad Mountain Outlaws, Out of System Transfer.
  6. The Grand Victory- Robyn Hitchcock, Emma State.
  7. The Grand Victory- Close To The Edge, Borrowed Time, Examine, Truth in Needles, Spic, Held Hostage.

April 4th

  1. Hunt Union Ballroom- Tiny Moving Parts, Grayscale, Southtowne Lunes, Secret Beaches, Ghost Walk.
  2. Irving Plaza- Disturbed, Nonpoint.
  3. The Grand Victory- Mountain Man, Netherlands, Cinema Cinema.

April 5th

  1. Shea Stadium- Stove, Baked, Sodium Beast, Dolly Spartans.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Sangharsha, Sunrot, Godfoot, Devoidov.

April 6th

  1. Gramercy Theatre- Fear Factory, Soilwork, I Kill Ya.
  2. Union Pool- The Men, Fur Helmet, Wrung, Barbed Wire.

April 7th

  1. The Studio at Webster Hall- Candiria, Alekline’s Gun, So Hideous, Ache.
  2. The Acheron- La Urss, Murderer, Porvenir Oscero.
  3. The Bell House- The Legendary Shack Skackers, The Pin Hill Saints.
  4. Goldsounds- MMBLR, Brain Salt, Hide and Seek.
  5. AMH- Howardian, The Nightmare Police, When Eyes Collide, People Rohoss, Chris Beyer, MJT.
Upcoming Shows 4/1/16-4/7/16

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