Mosh Against Addiction

This weekend is a two day festival happening in Baltimore. This is the first annual Mosh against Addiction. The Free State Collective and Daniel Carl Torsch Foundation help put this together. The first day is with Pop Punk and Emo bands. The second day is full of Hardcore and Heavy Hardcore bands. This small festival is for a great cause and everyone who is going enjoy their time.

Day 1 Friday April 1, 2016

The Raven Inn: Handguns, Post Season, Grayscale. Something More, Common Thief, Centerfolds, Suburbs.

Day 2 Saturday April 2, 2016

The Holiday House:  Steel Nation, Detriment, Timebomb, Jagged Visions, Misgiver, Past Hope, Guttersnipe, Meth Mouth, SharpTooth, Bererve, Wither.

Mosh Against Addiction

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