This weekend is the annual Indie fest MACROCK. This is the 19th annual MACROCK. The festival is taking place at Harrisonburg, Virginia. This festival has a lot of small time bands and will be taking place at a lot of venues in the area. There are plenty of cool artists and bands to check out at this festival. Everyone who is going have a great time and stay safe.

Day One Friday April 1st, 2016

Artful Dodger: Plattenbau, Bless, Yugennui, Grace Vonderkuhn, Shya, Rovndhovse.

Clementine Café: Dogs on Acid, Gymshorts, Cherry Pits, Doll Baby.

Court Square Theater: Container, Wolf Eyes, Tyler & Marley, Den-Mate, Zooanzoo, Janvs, Band & The Beat.

Golden Pony: Buck Gooter, The Sediment Club, New England Patriots, Basmati, Stardaddy Dixie, Malatese. Truman, Big Weird.

Little Grill Collective: Mal Devisa, Sleep Talker, Great Smokey, Liza G.

Day Two Saturday April 2nd, 2016

Artful Dodger: Shana Falana, Parlor Walls, No Honeymom, Philadelphia Collins, Go Cozy, Pete Curry, Z Plan, TV Sunset.

Clemetine Café: Abdu Ali, George Clanton, Lady Taji, RGB.

Court Square Theater: Ono, Crown Larks, Zomes, Shannon and the Tunnels, Onomatopoeia, Dove Lady, Flyying Colors, Borrowed Beams of Light.

Golden Pony: Horrendous, Death of Kings, Night Magic, Mountain Man, All Hell, The Heads Are Zeros, Book of Wyrms, Treatment, Winter Blood.

Little Grill Collective: The Obessives, Clair Morgan, Atta Girl, Flowerbomb.




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