Outbreak Fest 2016

The annual United Kingdom Hardcore festival Outbreak fest returns for another year which another great lineup. This is a two festival that the two days are a week apart from each other. Day one is April 30th and day two is May 8th. The festival is in Canal Mills, Leeds, UK. This festival has majority of UK bands and some American bands. To everyone that is going have a great time and enjoy yourself.

April 30th, 2016 Day One

Terror, Dead Swans, Incendiary, Malevolence, XrepentanceX, Spiltknuckle, Rough Justice, Reflect.

May 8th, 2016 Day Two

Trapped Under Ice, Dirty Money, Survival, Higher Power, Renounced, Blind Authority, Insist, Revulsion, Bitter Youth, Mercy, Adjust, Frame of Mind, Riot Conduct.

Outbreak Fest 2016

Upcoming Shows 4/29/16 – 5/5/16

Here’s another week of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note that these shows are in the Tri-State area.

April 29th

  1. Irving Plaza- NOFX, Direct Hit!, Mephiskapheles.
  2. Webster Hall- Bob Mould, Ted Leo.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- Night Demon, Against The Grain, Visigoth, Mammal.
  4. Shea Stadium- Laura Stevenson, Crying, Chris Farren.
  5. Revolution Bar- Soulfly, Suffocation, Battlecross, Abnormality, Lody Kong, Accelerator, Sicada.
  6. Starland Ballroom- The Used, New Regime.
  7. Market Hotel- James Chance and The Contortions, Gary Wilson and Tredici Bacci, Horse Lords, Eartheater.
  8. In The West- Shellshag, Teenage Halloween, Ghost Camp, Gulps.

April 30th

  1. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Basement, Turnstile, Defeater, Colleen Green.
  2. Fred Perry- Basement.
  3. Aviv- Turnstile, Krimewatch, Countdown.
  4. Saint Vitus Bar- No Joy.
  5. Saint Vitus Bar- Defeater, Drift Off.
  6. Baby’s All Right- Sales, Japanese Breakfast, Leapling.
  7. Palisades- Corners, Future Punx, LORDO, What Nerve.
  8. Brighton Bar- Dez Cadena & The Buzz Aldrin Trio, Jon Caspi & The First Gun, Lost in Society, Pep Rally.
  9. Starland Ballroom- The Used, New Regime.
  10. Webster Hall- Deerhunter, Soldiers of Fortune.
  11. Hartley’s Bar & Grill- No Redeeming Social Value, Psycho Enhancer, Darkside NYC, Homicidal, Dehumanized, No Reason To Live, Barfight Champs, Crime X Scene, Get Ignorant.
  12. ABC NO Rio- Thusla Doom, Eekam Seekam, Divide and Dissolve, There Are Four Lights, Anticitizen.
  13. Parkside Pub- WWIX, The Blame, Cry havoc, Straphangers, Eleventh Hour, What Doesn’t Kill Me, Fragmented, We All Die,Buckshot Facelit, Point Blank, Abandoned Vessels.
  14. The Grand Victory- Exit 17, Flapjack Attack, The Buybacks.
  15. Pista Bandas Unidas Oficial- Cerebros Destruidos, Skarroneros, Comrades.
  16. East Islip Lanes- Mint State, Crash The Calm, Too Early to Tell, Chris Beyer, A Day Amongst Martyrs, Melrose & New, Immorality.
  17. The Meatlocker- Basement Beers, Up For Nothing, Archie Alone, BromanGorecastle, Rothenbeck.
  18. 73 See Gallery & Design Studio- Tula Vera, The Subcultures, Dollys, LKFFCT, Roswell Debacle, Frogg Party.

May 1st

  1. AMH- Restwell, Cutters, Peoples Temple Project, Give Up The Goods.
  2. Gramercy Theatre- Dying Fetus, The Acacia Strain, Jungle Rot, Black Crown Initate, Reaping Asmodeia, Chains Ver Razors.
  3. Tompkins Square Park- Carla, Comrades, Jennifer Blowdryer, Night Rite, Pink Lis, The Wurst, Skitzolpolis, SPIKE Polite, Sewage NYC.
  4. Lucky 13 Saloon- Caught in a Trap, Reason To Fight, Homicidal, Low Road NH, Timebomb, A Breed Apart, No Fucking Chance, Crime X Scene, Mad Diesel, Swamp, Comb the Desert.
  5. The Grand Victory- Urban Waste, Hymen Holocaust, Agitator, Hot Blood, Examine.

May 2nd

1.Saint Vitus Bar- Yotuh Code, Y Vette, Statia Bloom, Hog Wasche.

May 3rd

  1. Bowery Ballroom- Local H.
  2. Gramercy Theatre- Filter, Orgy, Vampire Everyewhere, Death Valley High, Chasing Carmen.

May 4th

  1. Saint Vitus Bar- Death Index, Shredded Nerve, Pawns.
  2. AMH- The Dillinger Escape Plan, Bangladeafy.
  3. AMH- The Dillinger Escape Plan.

May 5th

  1. The Paramount- Bush, The Dose.
  2. Webster Hall- Super Furry Animals.
  3. Shea Stadium- Big Ups, Dirty Dishes, Washer, IAN.
  4. The Gramercy Theatre- Enter Shikari, Hands Like Houses, The White Noise, Behind The Facade.
  5.  Monty Hall- Sheer mag, Nude Beach, Lame Drivers.
  6. The Acheron- Jarhead Fertilizer, Radiation Blackbody, Crushed, Scowk, Erode.
Upcoming Shows 4/29/16 – 5/5/16


This upcoming weekend is the annual Rock festival Groezrock. Groezrock takes place in Belgium and this is the 25th annual. This festival is only two days but has a lot of great bands performing on it. The festival has a mix of Rock, Metal, Punk, Hardcore and Emo bands. The festival starts on Friday April 29. This is a multiple stage festival also. This is probably my favorite international festival and hopefully one day I can make this.

April 29, 2016 Day One

Monster Energy Stage: Rancid, Hatebreed, Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, Less Than Jake, Four Year Strong, The Aggrolites.

Impericon.com Stage: No Fun At All, Saosin, Walls of Jericho, Despised Icon, BlessTheFall, Hellions.

Back To Basics Stage: Youth of Today, Terror, Siberian Meat Grinder, Muncie Girls, The Dirty Nil.

Watch Out Stage: Double Veterans, We’re Wolves, Tangled Horns, Off The Cross, Coma Commander.

American Socks Acoustic Stage: Madd Caddies, Much The Same, Not On Tour, Tom Thacker, Frank Turner.

April 30, 2016 Day Two

Monster Energy Stage: Sum 41, No Use For A Name and Friends, Face To Face, Me First & The Gimme Gimmies, Juliette & The Licks, The Movielife, Flatcat, Venerea, Not On Tour.

Impericon.com Stage: Sick Of It All, Caliban, Emmure, letlive., Bury Your Dead, BURN, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Northlane, Broken Teeth.

Back To Basics Stage: Dag Nasty, Dillinger Four, Iron Chic, SNFU, The Falcon, Modern Baseball, Knockout Kid, Pears, Rozwell Kid.

Watch Out Stage: Moose Blood, Pup, Much The Same, Night Birds, Clowns, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, The Bennies, Teen Agers.

American Socks Acoustic Stage: Four Year Strong, Daylight, Call It Off, The Morning Hour, Note To Amy.




Binghamton Style

Last Saturday I went to a one day festival up in Vestal, New York. The festival was called Binghamton Style. This was a mix genre festival that featured some hardcore, grindcore, beatdown, and some metal bands. This was about a ten minute drive from Binghamton University. The festival took place at HCS Skate Park. I never thought in a million years I would be able to attend a show at a skate park. Plus the legendary Detroit hardcore band Cold As Life was the headliner which was also thought I never ever have a chance to see them. There was supposed to be twelve bands playing but the Long Island beatdown band Strength Through Suffering drop. Besides this there were a lot of people who came out to this. The best was seeing some older hardcore guys bringing their kids and seeing people skateboard before each set.

The opening band of the festival was Blame God. This was the first time seeing this band. They are a grindcore band from Upstate but all of the members are from Long Island I believe. The band is a three piece and they were crushing. At first there was no movement at all for this band until a member of the crowd jumped into the crowd from the skate ramp and started to mosh. For the rest of the festival I expected people to jump from the ramp to mosh on people. The rest of the set people were going really hard for them. I love the fact that people were going really hard for them and the fact they were the opening band. Their last song was a Pig Destroyer cover. This cover got a great reaction. Overall if you like grindcore check this band out.

The second band of the day was Human Overdose. Human Overdose is from the local area of Binghamton. They were the second grindcore band on this lineup. This was my first time seeing them and I heard a lot of good things about them. The band played a really good set and people were going off for them. I have not seen a lot of grindcore bands in my life but this band was really good. One thing I thought was really cool was seeing people charging up to mic and singing to the songs. It is always cool seeing people singing along to local bands. This is always a cool thing for the band to have. This band is worth your time to check out.

Up next was Before I had Wings. Before I had Wings is a heavy hardcore/beatdown band from Massachusetts/New York. This was my first time seeing them. They always play the Tri-State area a lot but I never got a chance to see them. To see them on this bill I thought was cool. I was excited to see this band. I like the style they had and their breakdowns were heavy. They had some people going off for them which was cool. They played a good set and they played a cover. The cover was Hatebreed’s “Last Breath” which got people really amped up because it is hard not to mosh to a Hatebreed song. If you like this style of hardcore they are worth checking out.

Up next was Nightfear. This is a new band Pennsylvania. I first heard of this band when the website hate5six filmed them opening up for Angel Dust in Philly back in March. Nightfear are a 1980’s thrash metal worship band that still loves hardcore. These guys are not like Power Trip or Iron Reagan. These guys are playing Slayer and Metallica riffs anf mixing them with Hardcore. They opened up with a Slayer cover which was “South of Heaven” They got a good reaction and I never thought I would see people spin kick to Slayer. Besides that they played a great set and this was probably one of my favorite sets of the night. They are a great band and they even did another Slayer cover which was “Mandatory Suicide.” Overall if you like Thrash Metal or Crossover this band is for you.

Laid 2 Rest was up next. This was my third time swing this Connecticut Hardcore (CTHC) band. From start to finish the crowd reaction was crazy. People were charging up the ramps to hit other people. No one was safe during this set. One point I was pinned up by the speakers so I would not get hit. Laid 2 Rest played a great set. I love how crazy the crowd got for them. This was probably my favorite time seeing them. They also did an Irate and Shattered Realm cover which were sick. Laid 2 Rest is currently my favorite band from CTHC and they show pride from where they come from. I love this band and I cannot wait to see them again. If you like beatdown this is a perfect band for you.

The next band up was Media Limits. Media Limits is from the local area of Binghamton, New York. Once I saw all of the band members wearing the same shirts I knew it would be crazy. The color was yellow and once they played they got a good reaction. The scene in Binghamton is cool because they represented themselves during this set. They sang along to each song and went off. The band has a fast and aggressive sound which was cool. They were the only band of the night that had that style of hardcore. Fast songs and extended two step parts. This band was pretty cool and I would check them out again.

Jesus Piece was up next. This was my third time seeing this heavy band from Philly. Jesus Piece has an interesting sound that mixes beatdown, hardcore, and metal. This band has been blowing up in the past year. This was another set that got a great reaction from the crowd. From start to finish the crowd was into it. There were a lot of people going off for them and singing along to their songs. This band never lets down and a lot of people were very into this set. Jesus Piece is a great heavy band and they are a great live band. I cannot wait to see them play at This is Hardcore Fest.

Long Island own Jukai was up next. Jukai I saw the night before playing on Long Island for their record rlease show Devoid of Hope which was crazy (Review is up on the blog). This was my nineth time seeing Juaki and this band I most excited to see out all of the bands. Jukai always plays great sets and they kick a lot of butt. They have a 90’s metalcore sound and they are really influenced by Disembodied. Last Saturday they played a great set and people went off for them. Not a lot but some did. People must have really enjoyed them because more and more started to join in after each song. Personally this was my favorite set of the night and I had a lot of fun during this set. I recommend everyone who is reading this to see this band.

Born Low was up next. This is my first time seeing this band. Born Low comes from Albany. New York. Born Low has also played the Tri-State area multiple times and I never got a chance to see them. It was cool they were on this lineup. Born Low reminds a lot of the late 00’s hardcore scene like bands like Cruel Hand and Trapped Under Ice. They played a good set and they got a good reaction. There were a lot of people going off for them which was really cool. Overall this was a good set.

Living Laser was up next. Living Laser are a HVHC aka Hudson Valley Hardcore band. This is my third time seeing them play. The first time I saw them I was not a big fan of them until I saw them again. Living Laser has sound that is very close to Leeway but they cut down on their songs. They have these rapid fast songs and all of these funky grooves. Living Laser got a great reaction. They are loved in upstate New York and a lot of people were going off. I love this band I cannot wait to see them again.

The headliner Cold As Life was up next. They started off with a bang by coming out with an entrance. The background music was sounded like a mix of Hip Hop and recordings from the television show Gangland. Cold As Life played a pretty good set. A lot people were still there and showing a lot of support for the band. Their set mixed with their hardcore punk era material with their really aggressive material from the late 90’s. When they played their heavy songs the place erupted and people went off. It was cool seeing this legendary hardcore play and I hopefully they play NYC or Long Island soon. This festival overall was a great festival that features a lot of cool bands. Every band that played this festival is worth checking out.

Cold As Life- 8.5/10

Living Laser- 9/10

Born Low- 7/10

Jukai- 10/10

Jesus Piece- 10/10

Media Limits- 7.5/10

Laid 2 Rest- 10/10

Nightfear- 9.5/10

Before I had Wings- 7.75/10

Human Overdose- 8/10

Blame God- 8/10



Binghamton Style

Devoid of Hope Record Release Show 4/22/16 @AMH

Last Friday at AMH the local Long Island band Jukai had their record release show for their latest EP Devoid of Hope. The EP streamed online last December on Mass Movement record’s bandcamp. There were a lot of people packed in AMH and this show nearly sold out. Jukai had some really good bands open up for them. Long Island own King Nine and New Jersey’s Lifeless were on the bill which caused a huge draw of people to come out and support this show. This was a big Long Island Hardcore show and if you missed it you messed up big time.

The opening band of the night was Sanction. Sanction is from Long Island and they capture the sound of late 90’s and early 2000’s metalcore. This was my fifth time seeing them. Sanction started a year ago and has improved as a band so much. This band is great and they progressive so well. The crowd’s reaction was okay at first. As the set continue more and more people started to go off in the pit. The last song got really crazy and I love the violence that was brought with it. If you like really real metalcore this band is for you. Sanction is really good and listens to their EP With Blood Left Uncleansed.

The next band up was Hatred Remains. Hatred Remains was formally named Enraged Youth. This is my second time seeing this Connecticut Hardcore band. I am pretty sure this is their first show with the name change because they changed it a few days prior to this show. CTHC is a great scene with a lot of heavy duty bands. I saw them back in February in Connecticut and absolutely loved them. When this was announced I was excited to see them on the lineup. Hatred Remains kicks a lot of ass. The reaction from the crowd was okay. They probably had the weakest reaction of the night which is disappointing. Besides that Hatred Remains is one of the top bands coming out of Connecticut right now and are 110% worth to check out.

Recycled Earth was up next. This is my third seeing this HVHC band. For those who are reading who do not know what that stands for is Hudson Valley Hardcore. Recycled Earth is an Upstate band that is heavily influenced by All Out War. From start to finish they had a great reaction from the crowd. They had a lot of people going off for them. Recycled Earth was heavy and people from every scene in surrounding areas of Long Island went off in the pit. This was a great set overall. The band sounded really good and if you have not seen this band you are messing up.

Lifeless took the stage. This was my fifth time seeing this New Jersey Hardcore band. This was my first time seeing them play AMH even though I have seen them play Long Island multiple times but never at AMH. Lifeless I never cared for until their last album Dream came out last year. I was expecting a lot of people to go off for this set and I was right. Lifeless set was crazy. This was not the heaviest set I ever seen them play but they played a really good set. The set mixed of old songs and a brand new song. Overall Lifeless is a great heavy hardcore band and hopefully they return to the NY/LI area soon.

Long Island King Nine was up next. This was my seventh time seeing this band. The last time I saw this band was last December opening up for Burn and Mindset. That was the tamest King Nine set ever. Last Friday made up for it. The band announced a few days prior that this was one of two shows they will be playing on Long Island this year. King Nine played a great set and the crowd reaction was great. People were moshing, stage diving, and singing along. King Nine even played their new song “The Art of War” which was pretty sick and got a good reaction for it. Long Island showed a lot of love for this band and King Nine never disappoints at all. I recommend everyone who is reading this to see this band.

Jukai was the final band of the night. It was cool seeing a Local Long Island band to be the last ones to play and it was cool that a lot of people stayed. This was very important. This was my eighth time seeing this band. Jukai takes a lot of influences from Disembodied and other classic metalcore bands from that era. Jukai played a great set. The crowd went really hard for every song and I enjoyed every second of it. This band always plays great sets and they always have great reactions. It was really cool that a lot of people came out for this event and gave them a lot of support. The lead singer mentioned how this show means to the band and how they are thankful for the event. Overall this was a fun show and this was something for the books for Long Island Hardcore.

Jukai- 10/10

King Nine- 10/10

Lifeless- 9/10

Recycled Earth- 9/10

Hatred Remains- 9/10

Sanction- 9/10

AMH- 9/10




Devoid of Hope Record Release Show 4/22/16 @AMH

Upcoming Shows 4/22/16 – 4/28/16

Here’s another week of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. Please note these shows are mostly Rock music and takes place in the Tri-State Area.


April 22nd

  1. AMH- Jukai, King Nine, Lifeless, Recycled Earth Hatred Remains, Sanction.
  2. Irving Plaza- Into It Over It, The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, The Sidekicks, Pinegrove.
  3. Brewhaus Pub- Petal Head, Swim Team, Broken Bay Coalition, Adult Magic.
  4. Revolution Bar- Sponge, NFU, Sharks in The Shallows, Floodwire, For The Kill.
  5. Playstation Theater- Amon Amarth, Entombed A.D., Exmortus.
  6. Cop Frat- Nightfear, Blame God, Human Overdose, Caste.
  7. Mr. Beerys- Too Many Voices, Troubled Hearts, Moon Curser, Crash The Calm, Old Fiction.
  8. Palisades- Patio Luxury, Wall, Fern mayo, Spit.
  9. The Grand Victory- Moon Tooth, God Maker, Lord Almighty, Marching Teeth.

April 23rd

  1. AMH- Transit, Candy Hearts, Light years, Macseal.
  2. AMH- Transit, Light years, Giants At Large.
  3. Webster Hall- Behemoth, Myrkar.
  4. The Meat Locker- Death Vacation, Idles, Claw, Weather Love, Disinterest, Sick Shit.
  5. 73 See Gallery & Desgine Studio- Jeffery Lewis & Lost Bolts, El Americano, Teenage Halloween, Professor Caveman.
  6. Don Pedro- Hopeless Otis, The Jukebox Romantics, Science Club, Enzirguri, Inverted Planets.
  7. College Street Music Hall- The Residents.
  8. Railroad Inn- Shrime, Zero Rights, Out Live Death, Buying Time, Lawsuits, Red Arkade, Mutiny Aboard, Beach Craft Bonanza, Carbon Thief, TBA.
  9. ABC No Rio- Material Support, Plastic Passion, The Melt Aways, Dias Azales.
  10. The Acheron- New Gods, Somerset Thrower, Neaux.
  11. BlackThorn 51- Michael Graves.
  12. Santos Party House- Fatality, Doomsday Mourning, Footage of a Yeti, Psycho Enhancer, Vice, Jynx, Newcomer.

April 24th

  1. Shakers Pub- Fucking Invincible, Annulment, Fuming Mouth, Nightcrawlers, The Fanboys.
  2. Sanit Vitus Bar- EyeHateGod, Fight Amp, Deathcycle, Chain Gang Grave.
  3. The Bowery Ballroom- The Thermals, Summer Cannibals, Slothrust.
  4. The Brighton Bar- I Am The Avalanche, The Moms, Puddle Splashier.
  5. Trickshot Billiards- Entombed, Exmortus, Drive By Rage, Calamity.
  6. Palisades- Telma, Pupppy, Queen moo, Kolb.
  7. The Space- Transit, Koji, Light years, Whittled Down.
  8. The Space- Transit, Such Gold, Light Years, A Will Away.
  9. The Acheron- Tetsu Arrey, Crazy Spirit, Butcher, Filth Hound.
  10. Mac 650 Gallery & Artist Co-op- Emperor X, Loner Chic, Animal Flag, Guest House.

April 25th

  1. Alphaville- Greys, Washer, The Cradle, The Hot Flood.
  2. AMH- Summer Couts, The B-List, Above Skylight, When Eyes Collide, Boundary Lines.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- EyeHateGod, Tombs, Ache, Haan.

April 26th

  1. Playstation Theater- The Used, New Regime.
  2. The Acheron- Hank Wood and The Hammerheads, Porvenir, Oscuro.
  3. Gramercy Theatre- The Residents.

April 27th

  1. Playstation Theater- The Used, New Regime.
  2. The Bowery Ballroom- Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridges, Petal.
  3. The Grand Victory- The Sweet Things, Dr. Boogie, The Nuclears, The Threads.
  4. The Silent Barn- Cende, Junior July, Glueboy, Crusher.

April 28th

  1. AMH- Survivors Guilt, Mutiny Aboard, Ornaments, Sparrows, A The Heart of It, Whittled Down, Graves.
  2. Stone Pony- Basement, Turnstile, Defeater, Colleen Green.
  3. Revolution Bar- Sponge, NFU, Sharks in The Shallows, Floodwire, For The Kill.
  4. The Fuze Box- Michael Graves, One Day Wait, Mordwoc.
  5. Brooklyn Café- Insidious, Take it Personal, Shot Fireed, Mouth Breather, Scvm, Down with Reason.
  6. Shakers Pub- Cognitive, Heisenberg, Get Ignorant, Splattered Entrails, Op Probolous Cephalectomy, Silenus.
  7. The Acheron- Tigers Flowers, Mary Todd, Fashion Week, Nightcrawler.
  8. Baby’s All Right- Mothers, Palm, Vundabar.
  9. Rodrigue’s Coffe House- PWR BTTM, Florist, Private Called.
  10.  Market Hotel- The Thermals, Summer Cannibals, Amanda X.
Upcoming Shows 4/22/16 – 4/28/16

The Big Show 2016

This upcoming Saturday is a one day festival taking place in Lakewood, Ohio. The Big Show 2016 will be taking place at the Foundry Concert Club and the Symposium. This hardcore fest features a lot of heavy bands and Eddie Leeway lead singer of Leeway is the headline. Long Island band Detriment is on this lineup and they are worth checking out for everyone who is going. To everyone who is going have a great time, mosh hard, and enjoy yourself.

Saturday April 23, 2016

Fast Break Records Stage: The Eddie Leeway Show, Lifeless, Run Devil Run, Homewrecker, Drowning, Cross Me, Steel Nation, Detriment, Mercy Blow, Alcon.

Lucky Sparrow Stage: Silverhammer, No Victory, Blackwater, Meth Mouth, Steel City Firm, Hellbound, Short Leash, Open Wound, No Surrender.

The Big Show 2016