The Movielife, Crime in Stereo, Incendiary, and Aviator @ Webster Hall 3/24/16

Last Thursday I saw the legendary Long Island Pop Punk band The Movielife. The show was at the grand ballroom of Webster Hall. The Movielife came back last year doing a handful of reunion shows. This year they planned a little weekender that NYC was the first day followd by Philly and ending in Virginia. I was surprised that this was show was not sold out because the lineup was very good. This was a no barricade show which was great because shows in the main room with no barricade are always a lot of fun. The lineup for this show was mostly Long Island expect the opening band Aviator.

The opening band Aviator took the stage. Aviator is a Emotional Hardcore band from Boston, MA. Prior to this set I never heard of them or check them out. I did not know what I was expecting from this band at all. They started to play and there was maybe just about over hundred there watching them play. They reminded a mix of Post Punk Revival of the 2000’s and Post Hardcore. The lead singer sounded very similar to Thrice and La Dispute lead singers. Their sound was pretty cool and they were very unknown. I looked around and it seemed that no one knew their music at all. It was also cool sseing an unknown band playing a big stage. If this band played a smaller stage I feel that more people would have like them. When this band comes back for another NYC/LI show I would like to see them again.

Incendiary was up next. This was my ninth time seeing this great LIHC band. Incendiary is one of favorite hardcore bands of all time. This set from last Thursday was both great and weird. It was great because Incendiary always plays a great show. Every song they played was great and everyone who knows their songs sang along. It was weird because seeing them on a big stage was totally different. I’m use to seeing this band play at Amityville Music Hall or like Saint Vitus. Also barley anyone moshed for them and pit was not violent as usual. This was most tame Incendiary pit ever. Besides all of this if you ever seen Incendiary you’re messing up big time. Incneidary is one of best bands around right now and probably one of the best live bands.

Crime in Stereo was up next. Crime in Stereo is another legendary Long Island Melodic Punk band. This was my second time seeing them. The first time was seeing them was a sold out show at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn. Once they started to play a lot of people rushed the stage and people started to go off in the pit. I found it really odd that people were two-stepping and swinging their arms to this band. Crime In Stereo is not really a band I feel like you can do that too. I found that  really odd and out place. I also found it interesting that these people were not doing that during Incendiary. Besides that Crime In Stereo played a great set and this set was a lot better than the last time I saw them. Also this was first band that got a good reaction with stage dives. The crowd I did not care for but the band was good overall and they are worth to check out.

The headline The Movielife played and the crowd erupted. Everyone decided to wake up and show their energy for this. It was great seeing people  moshing, stage diving, and crowd surfing. Honestly with all of the opening bands having a tame reaction I was not ecpecting this at all. I really enjoyed this set. The Movielife played a really good set and every song they played was great. Just by the reaction of the crowd I would want to see this band again. What I also thought was great is that the Movielife sounded was exactly like the recording. For a late 90’s/2000’s Pop Punk band they were great live and I would like to see them again. They played for an hour and the set felt like it went by. You know when you’re watching a great set when time files. For everyone who is reading this article I recommend seeing the Movielife. If they announce another NYC or Long Island show I would go see them again.

The Movielife- 10/10

Crime in Stereo- 8/10

Incendiary- 10/10

Aviator- 7/10

Webster Hall- 8.5/10

The Movielife, Crime in Stereo, Incendiary, and Aviator @ Webster Hall 3/24/16

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