Upcoming Shows

Here another week of shows I would like you to check out. Please note all of these shows are in the Tri-State area.

March 25

  1. AMH- Major League, Forever Came Calling, Sudden Suspension, Count to Ten, Check Engine Light, Parallel.
  2. Rough Trade NYC- Restorations, Creepoid, The Dirty Nil.
  3. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Silverstein, Being As An Ocean, Emarosa, Cold Rain, Rarity.
  4. Shea Stadium- Yuns, B Boys, The Ying Yangs, Telegram.
  5. Toad’s Place- Titus Andronicus, Craig Finn.
  6. Aviv- Shellshag, Parlor Walls, The Lopez, Prima.
  7. Palisades- Vundabar, Cross Country, Long Neck, Fits.
  8. Sinclairs Pub- The Fighting 405, Stray Away, Felix, Ice Cold Killer.
  9. Market Hotel- Girl Pool, Told Slant, LVL Up, Palberta.
  10. The Court Tavern- Hammerfight, Extinction A.D., Burial Mound, Carnavorice Breath, Sycarian, Hot Blood.
  11. The Shame Shack- The Planet You, Devon Goods, Hold on Calcified, Jean Pool.

March 26

  1. Aviv- Fucking Invincible, Congenital Death, Hardware, Death Vacation, Convulsant.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Whiplash, Deathrash, Magus Beast, Anvil Bitch, Paralysis.
  3. Gmaecharger World- Capsize, Idle Minds, Borderlines, Sovereign Kings, Refinement, Ashes of My Regrets, Krooked Youth.
  4. The Bowery Electric- Capsula, Twin Guns, New Rock City.
  5. ABC No Rio- Gymshorts, Spewing Cum, Ghost Punch, Heavy Negatives.
  6. Palisades- Guerilla Toss, Downtown Boys, Future Punx.
  7. Market Hotel- Girl Pool, Palm, Fraternal Twin, Vagabon.
  8. Shakers Pub- Gash, The Muckrakers, Carbon Thief, The Avoiders, Tears of Beer.
  9. The Brighton Bar- Restorations, Creepoid, The Dirty Nil.
  10. The Chance- Children of Bodom, Havoc, Vision Serrent.
  11. The Space- Somos, Petal, The Superweaks, Queen Moon.
  12. Evolution Sound Stage & Rehearsal Studio- Staleworth, Gnashville, Mutiny Aboard, Table Talk, The Tallest Trees in The Universe.
  13. Fenix Studio- Only Sibling, Process of Fusion, Paraiso, Sup Bruh, Not From Concentrate, Universe Ignores Her.
  14. The Court Tavern- The Dead Flowers, New Politicians, Delsea, Hold On Caulfield.

March 27

  1. NYWC Sportatorium- Real Friends, Movements.
  2. Shea Stadium- Shark Muffin, Fruit Flowers, Rosebud, Witch Coast, Heliotropes, Lactate.
  3. Aviv- Koji, Jacob Clarke.
  4. The Grand Victory- Gash, Pink Mass, Discipline, Night Rite.
  5. Greasy Manor- Fucking Invincible, Dialysis, Street Feet, Media Limits, Human Overdose.
  6. Webster Hall- LCD Sound System.

March 28

  1. AMH- Capsize, Gnashville, Heal, Carve Your Niche, Graves.
  2. Irving Plaza- Savages, Angas Turnawsky.
  3. Silent Barn- Jobs, Elder Ones, Salt People, Trigger, Samuel Boat.
  4. Monty Hall- Faust, Jowe Head.
  5. Webster Hall- LCD Sound System.

March 29

  1. Warsaw- Savages, Angus Tharnawsky.
  2. Silent Barn- Cutters, Ghost Camp, Oh Golly, Boosegumps.
  3. Toad’s Place- The Expendables, Passafire, Roots of Creation, Tunnel Vision.
  4. Trans Pecos- Chuck Johnson, Lee Ranaldo, Ancient Ocean.
  5. Baby’s All Right- Slothrust, Yung, Diet Cig.
  6. Market Hotel- Faust, Zs.

March 30

  1. Warsaw- Weezer.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Crowbar, Unearthly Trance, Manipulate.
  3. Starland Ballroom- Gogol Bordello, Debacuche, Will Wood & The Tapeworms.
  4. Revolution Bar- The Expendables, Passafire, Roots of Creation, Nonstop to Cario.
  5. Shea Stadium- Pupppy, Caged Animals, Varsity, ROMP.
  6. Trans Percos- Wussy, Courtest Tier.
  7. Market Hotel- Faust, J.R. Bohannanon, Gres Fox Duo.

March 31

  1. Shakers Pub- Homewrecker, Erode, Accelerator, Frayed Ends, Deject.
  2. Shea Stadium- Japanese Breakfast, Emily Reo, Adult Mom, Bethlehem Steel.
  3. The Brighton Bar- Gin War, Twin Coves, Computer Class, The Brand on Smith Band.
  4. The Fuze Box- 68’, Idle Hands, Like Lions, Blind Threat, The Stable Gentleman.
  5. The Outer Space Ballroom- Bongzilla, Black Cobra, Kings Destroy, Lo Pan.
  6. The Silent Barn- The Coathangers, Pill, The Meltaways.


Upcoming Shows

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