The Great Big Susiepalooza Comp Vol. 1

Last Summer James Boss put together a DIY festival in his backyard called Susiepalooza. Susiepalooza is a benefit show that was for Boss’s neighbor Sue Marchetti who passed winter of 2014. Sue was battling Pancreatic Cancer. The festival had a big turnout and they raise $3000. The money was given to the Lustgarten Foundation. I attended this fest and there plenty of great local acts on the bill and some of those bands are on the upcoming. Tomorrow Susiepalooza will be releasing a comp for $5 and all of the proceeds will be going to the Lustgarten Foundation. What’s great about this comp is that besides all of the great local acts from the New York and Long Island area there are some really big bands featured on this comp. Modern Baseball, Superheaven, Beach Slang and a few others are featured. For $5 you get sixty-six great songs. This comp features Punk, Pop-Punk, Emo, Indie, Metal, Metalcore, etc. I recommend everyone who is reading this to buy this comp. Most of the bands that are on this comp I have seen live and this is amazing that they all came together for a great cause. James Boss is a great person and has done a lot of cool things for the music scene. Shout out to every band on this comp, every band that played at Susiepalooza, everyone who helped out with Susiepalooza, the bookers Maggie Friedman and Sarah Waxberg and James Boss himself.

  1. Modern Baseball – … And Beyond
  2. Beach Slang – Bad Art And Weird Ideas
  3. Shorebreak – Around
  4. Everyone Leaves – Tired Life
  5. Abandon All Ships – Loafting
  6. Call It Home – Damage
  7. Varials – Ether
  8. Grayscale – Palette
  9. Gin War – Cement
  10. Havenfield – Tangle
  11. Stories Untold – Things Change
  12. The Obsessives – Daisy
  13. Half Hearted – Sold Soul
  14. Make Them Suffer – Fake
  15. Change Is – Loss (feat. Devin MacGillivray)
  16. Begin Again – i ws nvr yr grlfrnd
  17. Hymn – Sleeping Bag
  18. Hot Mulligan – Shaylee, Shanel
  19. Kevin Burke – Don’t Let It Be True
  20. Degrader – Dead Presidents (feat. South African Prince)
  21. Mutiny Abroad – Hides
  22. Best Kept Secret – Stormy Weather
  23. Nice Shot, Kid – Cornered
  24. Convictions – The Dahlia Disease
  25. Newcomer -Slag
  26. I, Awake – Heart/Home
  27. Drop The Act – Stay Close
  28. Gottem – Hopeless Romantic
  29. Bad Year – Roots (feat. Jeremy Hunter)
  30. Dismissed – Empty Home (feat. Kevin Lacerda)
  31. In Honor Of – The Pressure
  32. Superheaven – I’ve Been Bored
  33. Whittled Down – Blooming
  34. Discolor – Hand To Mend
  35. Lacuna Ink – Only In Dreams
  36. Waterparks – Night Maps (feat. Fred Mascherino)
  37. A Wake In Providence – Black Mass (feat. Dickie Allen)
  38. Artisan – Content
  39. Outbreak Xero – Crossover
  40. Depressant – Descent Of The Snowbird
  41. Alumni – Calling Home
  42. Fossil Youth – From The Window
  43. Overcomer – Faces (In My Head)
  44. Great Grief – Knives
  45. Trace Your Steps – Animal (Creature Of Habit)
  46. Makeshift – Someone Like Me
  47. Chucky Hugh – Silhouettes And Sunsets
  48. An Old Friend – Fragments And Blurs
  49. Head North – Redwood
  50. Post Modern – July
  51. Better Days – Hard To Love
  52. The Magic Fountain – Mr. Kramer
  53. It Lives, It Breathes – Got No Time
  54. Table Talk – Promotion
  55. Catlike – Deli Rose
  56. Quinn Cicala – Gracious
  57. Northbound – Leech
  58. Sam Pollet – Split Ends
  59. Monuments – Atlas
  60. Shiffley – Ships
  61. Craig Boiarsky – See
  62. Varsity – Risen
  63. Nobody’s Babe – Billy Joel
  64. Arkham – Youngblood
  65. Chase Huglin – Your New Boy
  66. Pentimento – Sink Or Swim




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