NGTHCRWLRS, The Obessives, Broken Beak, and Glueboy @ Shea Stadium 3/21/16

Last Monday I went to my favorite venue in Brooklyn Shea Stadium to see The Obsessives and Broken Beak. I miss my chance to see these two bands play in Long Island recently so this was my redemption. Shea Stadium is my favorite venue because it on top of a warehouse and the venue is a loft. Shea Stadium is a really cool place to see a show. The venue would be perfect to see Punk bands here. Most of the show here are Indie and Emo bands. Overall I love this place a lot and it is a really important spot in Brooklyn.

The Opening band of the night was Glueboy. Glueboy are a three piece band from New York City. Unfortunately I walked two sings into their set. Glueboy had a cool sound that mixed with some Indie and Punk elements. They had a crowd which was cool for them. There was probably almost fifty people there watching them. Glueboy overall was a decent opener and I would like to see this band again.

Up next was Broken Beak. Broken Beak is a Philadelphia band that features the lead singer of Modern Baseball. Broken Beak is a four piece and they played a pretty good set. I notice that the crowd enjoyed them. I was enjoying this band a lot. It was interesting to see the lead singer of Modern Baseball not singing in the band and just playing rhythm guitar. Broken Beak was a cool band to see live  and I would like to see them again. They did not get reaction like Modern Baseball would get but they were really good.

The Obsessives took the stage in literally ten minutes after Broken Beak got off which was great. I love when bands move fast after a set to set up and take down their gear. The Obessives are a two piece band from Philly. Their sound had a mix of Emo and Indie. I love the fact that this band is a duo and the play facing each other. This was probably my favorite set of the night. The Obessives is a very laid back duo but their music performed live was great. Obessives have become one of my favorites from the Philadelphia area and I’m glad I got a chance to see them. I recommend who is reading this to check out this band.

The final band of the night was NGTHCRWLRS. This is a four piece band from New Jersey. Once this band started to play I felt band because a lot of people left after the Obessives got off. I was kind of surprise to see a lot of people leave because this show was kind of early. NGTHCRWLRS were a cool band. They played a pretty good set. NGTHCRWLRS was cool and they seemed like nice guys. They were a great closer for the show. Another cool show at my favorite venue and hopefully soon I be attending another one there.


The Obessives- 9/10

Broken Beak- 9/10

Glueboy- 8/10

Shea Stadium- 10/10

NGTHCRWLRS, The Obessives, Broken Beak, and Glueboy @ Shea Stadium 3/21/16

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