Jukai, Vein, Mase, Hangman, Facility, and Slow Burn @ Pulaski Club 3/13/16

Last Sunday, My friends and I took a trip to see some LIHC bands play in New Britain, Connecticut. Just last month I was in the same venue seeing a bunch of heavy CTHC bands and Lifeless play here. That was one of my top shows of the year so far. This past Sunday show was another cool experience. The reason why is because CTHC showed loved to most of the bands that played during this show. Not a lot of people came out but every band got a solid reaction which was pretty cool.

The first band of the night was Slow Burn. Slow Burn is local CTHC that basically rips. Seriously I was not expecting this at all. The guitar riffs were gnarly and I really dig the band. I think if I heard correctly that it was their drummer last show. Hopefully they find a new one because they have a really good sound. I was glad that the band I had some movement too. Overall they played really good set and everyone who is reading this should check them out.

The next band up was Facility. Facility is a four piece hardcore/Screamo band from New Jersey. This was my second time seeing them. Also I am pretty sure when I saw them the last time they were female fronted. Now they have a guy singing for the band. They opened their set with “Shallow Breathing” by Converge which I felt like I was only one who knew that song.  While they played their set they sounded a lot different from the time I saw them. Facility is a very wild band and I enjoyed them a lot. They had pretty intense breakdowns and they had short songs. I like their style a lot. If you are into real Screamo music then this band is for you.

Hangman was up next. Hangman is a Long Island Hardcore band aka LIHC. This is my fifth time seeing this band. Each time I have seen them they get better and better. They have a great aggressive sound. Hangman sounds like Biohazard without the Hip Hop elements and they put more of a Hardcore edge into their band. Hangman got a great reaction this set. Probably the best set I ever seen them play. Hangman never lets down and probably one of the best up and coming bands on the Long Island scene.

Up next was Mase. Mase is another CTHC local band. Mase had a pretty good style live and played a really solid set. They are a four piece band. They also had a great reaction too and I notice a lot of CTHC people going off for them. They also had the first crowd singing along I notice. Overall they played a great set and worth the time to check out.

Vein was up next but it was suppose to be Jukai to play second to last but they change last minute. Vein is a Hardcore/Metal band from Boston. I was told prior to this set that they were a wild band. I did not know what to expect what so ever. Once they started to play it got violent, really violent. I was not expected this at all and I was amazed honestly. Vein was really good and they got a violent reaction. I totally would love to see this band again. Vein is very heavy and if you like heavy bands that experiment this band is for you.

The headline band of the night was Jukai. Jukai is a Long Island Hardcore/Metal band. The band has some strong 90’s Metalcore influences like Disembodied. This was my seven time seeing this band play live. Jukai started to play and everyone who came from Long Island went off and everyone from CTHC who knows Jukai went off. The reaction they got was great and pretty violent. Some chairs were being thrown which I never seen at during a Jukai set. Besides that Jukai set was really good. This set was probably one of my favorites from them.  Jukai is probably going to blow very soon and they are one of the top bands right now in Long Island scene.

Jukai- 10/10

Vein- 10/10

Mase- 8/10

Hangman- 9/10

Facility- 8.5/10

Slow Burn- 8.5/10

Pulaski Club- 8/10



Jukai, Vein, Mase, Hangman, Facility, and Slow Burn @ Pulaski Club 3/13/16

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