Less Than Jake, Westbound Train & Mephiskapheles @Highline Ballrom 3/9/16

Last Wednesday Less Than Jake was in the big apple playing their album Losing Streak as part of their double anniversary tour. The first night which I was at is Losing Streak in full and then following night was Hello Rockview. The next night which I did not attend was at the Gramercy Theatre. The Highline Ballroom is a small venue on the West Side located on 16th Street. The venue had no barricades and holds probably 300 maybe less. This is my third time attending a show here and my second time seeing Less Than Jake at this venue.

The opening band of the night was Mephiskapeles. Mephiskapheles is a legendary Ska band from New York City. This is my first time seeing this band. The band played a pretty good performance. This seven piece band rocked the house. The only thing is that they did not get a goods reaction. It seemed everyone was waiting for Less Than Jake to come on so the crowd save their energy. They were some people dancing in their place and singing along to the crowd but there was no movement at all. Mephiskapeles was great overall and if you like some good classic Ska this band is for you.

The next band up was Westbound Train. Before this show was announced I have not heard of this band in years. I did not know they were still a band. Westbound Train was pretty good. They were a Laid back Ska/Reggae band that showed some Soul influences. This band is from Boston, MA. I like the mellow vibe of them and the crowd seemed to dig them. It seemed like the crowd preferred Mephiskapeles. Again there were members of audiences that were dancing in the place and there was not a big reaction to them. Pretty solid set from this band and I enjoyed them.

Less Than Jake took the stage and played a great long set. They played probably an almost over hour and half. This was the longest I ever seen them play. This was my 6th time seeing this Ska-Punk band from Gainesville, Florida. As I mention before I have seen Less Than Jake at this venue. Since this show was sold out the pit was kind of small which I was not happy about. I expected a lot of people to go off because they are playing a lot of old songs. Otherwise the skank pit was kind of weak. Still the crowd had a great a reaction by singing along and quite of few stage dives. A high point of the night was a guy asking his girlfriend to be his wife. That was pretty cool of the band to allow this to happen. The couple seemed to be huge fans of the band and they skank on stage while the next song was playing. Besides playing Losing Streak in full they played an encore. Less Than Jake was great Wednesday and if you have not seen then you are messing up.

Less Than Jake- 10/10

Westbound Train- 7.5/10

Mephiskapeles- 8/10

Highline Ballroom- 8/10

Less Than Jake, Westbound Train & Mephiskapheles @Highline Ballrom 3/9/16

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