Firewalker, I.C.E., Acrylics, and Krimewatch @ The Silent Barn

Last Sunday I went to the Silent Barn for the first time in two year. The Silent Barn is a venue located in Bushwick, New York. Sunday show was Firewalker, I.C.E., Acrylics, and Krimewatch. Another band Claim was suppose to play but dropped a few days before hand. This show was probably the fastest show I ever been to in Brooklyn. Doors were at 8, first band was a little after 9, and the show was over before 11.

The first band of the night was Krimewatch. Krimewatch is a Hardcore Punk band from New York. They are also the only band on the bill that was local. This was one of three bands that were female fronted. Krimewatch was pretty good and they had a quick set. It felt like they were only on 5 minutes. They got a little bit of a reaction from the crowd. Overall they played a good set and I would like to see them again.

The next band up was Acrylics. This Punk band was from the Bay Area aka San Francisco area in California. Acrylics reminded me of old Ceremony and I like it. This band did not get a good reaction but they did have the longest set of the night it felt like. Overall I enjoyed this band and they were probably the most Punk out of the four bands playing that night.

Up next was ICE. ICE is a female fronted Hardcore band from Washington D.C./Richmond, Virginia. They were the best band of the night. ICE had a good reaction but the problem was since there so many people there people could not really good off. ICE has a sound that sounds like 90’s NYHC bands like Madball and 25 ta life. I could see this band playing with some heavy bands and have a good reaction. ICE was really good and they played for 10 minutes. This was a great set overall and it was cool seeing young women going off in the pit.

Firewalker was the last set of the night. Firewalker is a new band from Boston. They are a fast pace hardcore band were every song is a minute long. They got a good reaction from the crowd and there were a lot of people singing along. The lead singer of the band I thought had a very interesting singing style. Her voice sounded like she could sing for a Black Metal band. I like that she used a different type of style that is not used often in Hardcore. Firewalker was really good and I would to see them again. They ended their set with a cover of Madball “Smell the Bacon.” This was probably the best thing of the night because everyone was going for this cover. Sunday was a great show and every band played a good performance. Plus it was really cool to see Women playing in hardcore bands and supporting the bands.

Firewalker- 10/10

ICE- 10/10

Acrylics- 8/10

Krimewatch- 8/10

Silent Barn- 8/10


Firewalker, I.C.E., Acrylics, and Krimewatch @ The Silent Barn

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