January and February Releases

The first two months of the year are over and there were plenty of really cool releases.  Here are some albums, demos, Promo Tapes, and EPs that should check out if you have not. First the list is my top 5 of these two months followed by other releases I thought were cool.

My Top 5

  1. Basement- Promise Everything
  2. Milk Teeth- Vile Child
  3. Discolor- Wake
  4. Pinegrove- Cardinal
  5. Loner Chic- Year of The Goth

Other Releases

Agoraphobic Nosebleed- Arc

Bodybag- Public Execution

Cherry- Gloom

Crisis Unit- Promo 16

Death Index- S/T

Desolated- The End

DIIV- Is the is Are

Erode- Demo

Frameworks- Time Spent EP

Full of Hell- Amber Mote in the Black Vault

Fuming Mouth- The Lotus Demo

Fury- Promo Tape 2016

GAG- American’s Greatest Hits

God’s Hate- Mass Murder

GOTTEM- Infinity Blues

Harley Flanagan- Cro Mags

Judiciary- The Axis of Equality

Krimewatch- Demo

Labeled- Demo 2016

Like Pacific- Distant Like You Asked

Lion Heart- Love Don’t Live Here

Lume- Perennial Phase

Magrundergrind- II

Mindset- Nothing Less

Molly Drag- Tethered Rendering

Monster Bad- Last one out, Get the Lights Please.

Nerve Ending- Demo 16

Pinfinger- Zaffre

The Pooches- Heart Attack

Primitive Man/Northless- Split

Queensway- Demo

Reflect- Demo

Secret Stuff- This is Fine

Self Defense Family- Superior

Sioux Falls- Rot Forever

Snow Roller- Another Step in Your Career Ladder

Somos- First Day Back

Spine- Deny

They All Float- 2014

Ty Seagull- Emotional Mugger

Warfare- Demo 16

Washer- Here Comes Washer

Will To Die/Society Sucker- Split

Witches With Dicks- Not Just a Passing Season EP

World Be Free- The Anti Circle










January and February Releases

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