Framworks, Donovan Wolfington, and Descender @ Saint Vitus Bar 3/03/16

Last Thursday Frameworks and Donovan Wolfington played in Brooklyn as part of their tour stop. Frameworks and Donovan Wolfington are currently on a short East Coast tour. I was excited to see this show because Donovan Wolfington has become one of my new favorite bands since I listen to their latest record How to Treat the Ones You Used To Love. The show was St. Vitus and this was my first time at this venue where the show was not sold out. There were probably 50 people and this venue holds 200. I was little disappointed by this but I expect a better turnout when I see them next time.

The opening band of the night was Descender. Once these guys started to play they blew my mind away. I was expected over 40 years old guys playing Jawbreaker but I was wrong. Descender sound was crazy. Their sound was heavy and loud and mixed with Screamo. The singer would scream away from the mic and seemed they had a strong 90’s Screamo influence. Everything about this band was sick and I could not believe how well they played. There was no reaction from the crowd during this set. It’s really hard to describe their sound but they were very unique and I recommend everyone who reads this to check out this band.

Up next was Donovan Wolfington. This was my second time seeing band from NOLA. Donovan Wolfington played the best set of the night. This four piece kicked ass on stage and everything they played was great. There were a good portion of people singing along to them including myself. People started a pit for them. The crowd really seemed to enjoy themselves during this set. Donovan Wolfington is probably one of the best Indie Punk bands right now and this show proved it. Each song they played was great and I had a great time watching them play. Donovan Wolfington is a band that everyone should see them live. They are one of the best bands of right now.

The last band of the night was Frameworks. Frameworks are a Screamo band from Gainsville, Florida. This is my first time seeing them. Before this set happens it seemed that a lot of people left which I could not believe. I figured majority of people who attended this show liked Frameworks. Overall Frameworks played a good set and people were going off for them. If you like Screamo in the way it should be you will like this band a lot. They had a great stage presents.

Frameworks- 8/10

Dononvan Wolfington- 10/10

Descender- 9/10

Saint Vitus Bar- 9/10


Framworks, Donovan Wolfington, and Descender @ Saint Vitus Bar 3/03/16

2 thoughts on “Framworks, Donovan Wolfington, and Descender @ Saint Vitus Bar 3/03/16

  1. joeygtjr says:

    Hey I like your reviews, I was wondering what you thought the best band you’ve seen recently that I probably haven’t heard that I should check out. I’m from Long Island. Keep up the good work man!


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