Upcoming Shows 3/4/16-3/10/16

Here’s a list of shows I would like you to check out. These shows are in Tri-State area.

March 4th

  1. Shakers Pub- DIVORCE, Discolor, Table Talk, Heal, Peoples Rohoss, Figure Eight.
  2. Market Hotel- DIIV, LORDO, Melt.
  3. Sinclairs Pub- Come to Griefy, Artificial Brain, Horrendous, The Communion, Carcosa, Haagenti.
  4. The Silent Barn- Journalism, Stove, Bueno, Psychic Selves.
  5. The Grand Ballroom at Webster Hall- Ra Ra Riot, Sun Club, PWR BTTM.
  6. Shea Stadium- Savants, Gymshorts, Adult Books, Navy Gangs.
  7. The Theater at MSG- Coheed and Cambria, Glassjaw, I The Mighty, Silver Snakes.
  8. Rough Trade NYC- Dead Stars, Infinity Girls, Holy Tunics, Wild Pink.
  9. Starland Ballroom- August Burns Red, Between The Buried and Me, Good Tiger.
  10. Monty Hall- Nightbirds, Dirty Fences, Crazy & The Brains.
  11. 73 See Gallery & Design Studio- Sunflower, Tula Vera, Jean Pool, The Double Negatives.

March 5th

  1. AMH- Frameworks, Donovan Wolfington, The Saddest Landscape, Whittled Down, Ornaments, Macseal.
  2. ABC No Rio- Part Time Bear, The Great Depression, DIVORCE, Basement Beers.
  3. Shea Stadium- Big Ups, LVL Up, Greys, Washer.
  4. Palisades- The Mad Doctors, Sun Voyager, Go! Zilla, The Roaring 420’s, Mammoth Spirit, Street Smells, Linear North, Midriffs, The Televibes, War Cries, Stuyedeyed, Ultragross.
  5. Shakers Pub- Paralysis, Accelerator, Locus Mortis, Xenophile, Enemy of The State, Patterns of Decay.
  6. The Studio at Webster Hall- Somos, Petal, Superweaks, Adult Mom.
  7. The Acheron- Eternal Black, Sentience, Bastard, Clouds Taste Satanic.
  8. The Warehouse- Pus, The Chore Boys, MouthBreather, Cry Havoc, Sad Planet, M13.
  9. Saint Vitus Bar- Taake, Young and in The Way, Vattnet Visker (Matinee)
  10. Saint Vitus Bar- Taake, Young and in The Way, Vattnet Visker, Trenchgrinder.
  11. Old Mogul Theater- Dollys, Gender Studies, Tula Vera, Julian Fulton.
  12. Bmia Building- Full Blown Chaos, Homicidal, Mercy Blow, Dragged, Common Wealth, Dissent, Time Spent.
  13. The New Brunswick Moral Health Clinic- Wastelands, Dusters, Burp!, Dream Team.
  14. Mother Pug’s Saloon- C.R., Enrage, Malcom’s Lost, Vice, Walk The Line.
  15. Aviv- Mad Diesel, CLAW, Lucid Terror, Miscengerator, Folklore.
  16. Union Pool- The Men, Beech Creeps, The Yin Yangs, Rahaus.
  17. The Boontunes- Puddle Splasher, Whiner, The Black Shios, Young Legs, Heavy Bird.
  18. Market Hotel- DIIV, Painted Zeros.

March 6th

  1. AMH- Somerset Thrower, Petal Head, Dead of Winter, Pushing Sides.
  2. The Silent Barn- Firewalker, I.C.E., CLAIM, Acrylies, Krimewatch.
  3. The Hideout- Full Blown Chaos, Sworn To Vengeance, Threat 2 Society, Menacing, Eye of The Destroyer, Death Grip.
  4. The Grand Victory- Dead Blow Hammer, Out Live Death, Progress, Mase, No Way Out.
  5. Gramercy Theatre- Killswitch Engage.
  6. The Fuze Box- Black Fast, Goblet, Gone Without, Necrophic Engorgement.
  7. Palisades- Glue Boy, Sinai Vessel, Coping Skills, Most Selfless Cheerleader.
  8. Old Mongul Theatre- Shellshag, Basement Beers, Pale Angles, Teenage Halloween, Casual.
  9. The Cobra Club- Sic Tic, Video Beast, Desert Sharks, Cold Blinds.

March 7th

  1. The Bowery Ballroom- Killswitch Engage, Candiria.
  2. The Studio at Webster Hall- Le Butcherettes, The Dead Ships, Eureka The Butcher.
  3. The Acheron- Wake, Skullshitter, Devoidov, Lucid Terror.

March 8th

  1. The Bowery Ballroom- Nada Surf, Eugene Mirman.
  2. The Grand Ballroom at Webster Hall- Cradle of Filth, Butcher Babies, NE Obliviairs.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- Conan, Serial Hawk, Volt Directiob, Somkun.

March 9th

  1. Highline Ballroom- Less Than Jake, Westbound Train, Mephiskapheles.
  2. The Grand Ballroom at Webster Hall- Dropkick Murphys, Tiger Army, Dark Buster.
  3. The Marlin room at Webster Hall- Hawthorne Heights, The Ataris, Mest, Handguns, London Falling.
  4. The Acheron- Moontooth, Netherlands, Irata, Caustic Casanova.
  5. Saint Vitus Bar- Killswitch Engage.
  6. Rough Trade NYC- Le Butcherettes, The Dead Ships, Eureka The Butcher.
  7. Palisades- Haybaby, Total Slacker, Eureka California, Parlor Walls.

March 10th

  1. The Grand Ballroom at Webster Hall- Dropkick Murphys, Tiger Army, Darkbuster.
  2. Gramercy Theatre- Less Than Jake, Big Wig, Mikey Erg.
  3. The Marlin Room at Webster Hall- Killswitch Engage, Moon Tooth.
  4. The Acheron- Krallice, Sabbath Assembly, GNAW.
  5. Palisades- The Mystery Lights, Surfboat, Shark Week, Breanna Barbara.
  6. The Meatlocker- Gouge Away, Facility, Soul Glo, Vein, Convulsant, Hounds.
Upcoming Shows 3/4/16-3/10/16

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