Black Sabbath & Rival Sons at MSG 2/25/16

Last Thursday I got a chance to see Black Sabbath perform at Madison Square Garden. This is my 12th show of the year.  Black Sabbath is currently on their final tour with the Rival Sons opening up. This was a sold out show and this was also my first show at MSG since they did the renovations. The last time I saw a concert at MSG was Rush in 2011. I am not huge into going to see concerts in arenas but Black Sabbath is one of my favorite bands of all time.

The opening act of the night was the Rival Sons. Rival Sons are a Hard Rock band from Long Beach, California. The first song reminded me of Hard Rock bands from the 1970’s that were very blues influenced. To me this is not really my style of Rock n Roll. Hard Rock to me is dead and belongs with the fathers and grandfathers. Rival Sons were good at what they do and I saw a lot of talent with them. They were not my thing but they can play. If you like Led Zeppelin, early Aerosmith and The Black Crowes this band is for you.

Black Sabbath took the stage and opened up with their title track “Black Sabbath.” The crowd was great and every song they played was amazing. Their sound was great and everything came together perfectly. They played my favorite song “Into the Void” and then they surprised me by playing “Hand of Doom.” This was probably the best time seeing them. What was also great about this set was that they did not play any songs off of their new album Thirteen. They played fourteen songs and they went over an hour and half. Black Sabbath played a great set and if you missed out you’re a fool. Black Sabbath is breaking up and this will be the last time to see them. In August I will be seeing them again for one last time at Jones Beach.

Black Sabbath- 10/10

Rival Sons- 6/10

MSG- 10/10

Black Sabbath & Rival Sons at MSG 2/25/16

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