Berserker 3

This upcoming weekend is the third annual Heavy Metal festival Berserker. This event is located at the Detroit Masonic Temple from Thursday March 3rd till March 5th. This three day fest features a mix of extreme Metal genres with some Punk and Grindcore. Everyday has three stages. There is also a pre show that will be taking place at the Small’s (Hamtrumck). To everyone who is going to this event have great time and stay safe.

Thursday March 3, 2016

5th Floor Stage: Voivod, Veketor, Child Bite, Acid Witch, Voyag3r.

4th Floor Stage: Karmic Lava, Grizzlor, Old Gods, Volunteer, Cockhorse.

3rd Floor Stage: Black Fast, Shit Life, Fistula, Sauron, A Purple Cloud, Rest in Shit.

Friday March 4, 2016

5th Floor Stage: Conan, Cannabis Corpse, Black Tusk, Holy Grail, Serial Hawk.

4th Floor Stage: Generation of Vipers, Snakewings, Motherfucker, SheepShifter, Hordes.

3rd Floor Stage: Die Choking, SBLC, Yautiga, SNAFU, Cougula, Cavalcade.

Saturday March 5, 2016

5th Floor Stage: Ghoul, Macabre, Antiseen, Fucking Invincible, Troglodyte.

4th Floor Stage: Oozing Wound, Rectal Hygenics, STNNG, Rebel Spies, The End of Music.

3rd Floor Stage: Dead Church, Mutilation Rites, Perversion, Tombstalker, Isen Blast, Infernal Altar.

Preserker Kick Off Wednesday March 3, 2016

Cloud Rat, The Armed, GORE, Reverend, Blue Snaggletooth, Stone Ritual, Plasticizerm Pandemonium.





Berserker 3

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