The Movielife, Crime in Stereo, Incendiary, and Aviator @ Webster Hall 3/24/16

Last Thursday I saw the legendary Long Island Pop Punk band The Movielife. The show was at the grand ballroom of Webster Hall. The Movielife came back last year doing a handful of reunion shows. This year they planned a little weekender that NYC was the first day followd by Philly and ending in Virginia. I was surprised that this was show was not sold out because the lineup was very good. This was a no barricade show which was great because shows in the main room with no barricade are always a lot of fun. The lineup for this show was mostly Long Island expect the opening band Aviator.

The opening band Aviator took the stage. Aviator is a Emotional Hardcore band from Boston, MA. Prior to this set I never heard of them or check them out. I did not know what I was expecting from this band at all. They started to play and there was maybe just about over hundred there watching them play. They reminded a mix of Post Punk Revival of the 2000’s and Post Hardcore. The lead singer sounded very similar to Thrice and La Dispute lead singers. Their sound was pretty cool and they were very unknown. I looked around and it seemed that no one knew their music at all. It was also cool sseing an unknown band playing a big stage. If this band played a smaller stage I feel that more people would have like them. When this band comes back for another NYC/LI show I would like to see them again.

Incendiary was up next. This was my ninth time seeing this great LIHC band. Incendiary is one of favorite hardcore bands of all time. This set from last Thursday was both great and weird. It was great because Incendiary always plays a great show. Every song they played was great and everyone who knows their songs sang along. It was weird because seeing them on a big stage was totally different. I’m use to seeing this band play at Amityville Music Hall or like Saint Vitus. Also barley anyone moshed for them and pit was not violent as usual. This was most tame Incendiary pit ever. Besides all of this if you ever seen Incendiary you’re messing up big time. Incneidary is one of best bands around right now and probably one of the best live bands.

Crime in Stereo was up next. Crime in Stereo is another legendary Long Island Melodic Punk band. This was my second time seeing them. The first time was seeing them was a sold out show at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn. Once they started to play a lot of people rushed the stage and people started to go off in the pit. I found it really odd that people were two-stepping and swinging their arms to this band. Crime In Stereo is not really a band I feel like you can do that too. I found that  really odd and out place. I also found it interesting that these people were not doing that during Incendiary. Besides that Crime In Stereo played a great set and this set was a lot better than the last time I saw them. Also this was first band that got a good reaction with stage dives. The crowd I did not care for but the band was good overall and they are worth to check out.

The headline The Movielife played and the crowd erupted. Everyone decided to wake up and show their energy for this. It was great seeing people  moshing, stage diving, and crowd surfing. Honestly with all of the opening bands having a tame reaction I was not ecpecting this at all. I really enjoyed this set. The Movielife played a really good set and every song they played was great. Just by the reaction of the crowd I would want to see this band again. What I also thought was great is that the Movielife sounded was exactly like the recording. For a late 90’s/2000’s Pop Punk band they were great live and I would like to see them again. They played for an hour and the set felt like it went by. You know when you’re watching a great set when time files. For everyone who is reading this article I recommend seeing the Movielife. If they announce another NYC or Long Island show I would go see them again.

The Movielife- 10/10

Crime in Stereo- 8/10

Incendiary- 10/10

Aviator- 7/10

Webster Hall- 8.5/10

The Movielife, Crime in Stereo, Incendiary, and Aviator @ Webster Hall 3/24/16

United Blood 2016

This upcoming weekend is United Blood Fest. This is a two day hardcore festival that takes place in the Canal Club in Richmond, Virginia. This is the 10th year of this festival and this fest gets better and better each year. This is all ages and features some legendary bands like Burn, Right Brigade and Floor Punch. Everyone who is going enjoys the trip and has a great time.


Friday March 25, 2016

Barge, Build and Destroy, BURN, Foundation, God’s Hate, Hard Stripes, Higher Power, Incendiary, ICE, Lost Souls, Naysayer, Protester, Regulate.

Saturday March 26, 2016

Blind Justice, Dead and Dreaming, Floor Punch, Forced Order, Free, Fury, GIVE, Iron Edge, King Nine, Malfunction, Maximum Penalty, Red Death, Right Brigade, Society Abuse, Twitching Tongues.


United Blood 2016

Upcoming Shows

Here another week of shows I would like you to check out. Please note all of these shows are in the Tri-State area.

March 25

  1. AMH- Major League, Forever Came Calling, Sudden Suspension, Count to Ten, Check Engine Light, Parallel.
  2. Rough Trade NYC- Restorations, Creepoid, The Dirty Nil.
  3. Music Hall of Williamsburg- Silverstein, Being As An Ocean, Emarosa, Cold Rain, Rarity.
  4. Shea Stadium- Yuns, B Boys, The Ying Yangs, Telegram.
  5. Toad’s Place- Titus Andronicus, Craig Finn.
  6. Aviv- Shellshag, Parlor Walls, The Lopez, Prima.
  7. Palisades- Vundabar, Cross Country, Long Neck, Fits.
  8. Sinclairs Pub- The Fighting 405, Stray Away, Felix, Ice Cold Killer.
  9. Market Hotel- Girl Pool, Told Slant, LVL Up, Palberta.
  10. The Court Tavern- Hammerfight, Extinction A.D., Burial Mound, Carnavorice Breath, Sycarian, Hot Blood.
  11. The Shame Shack- The Planet You, Devon Goods, Hold on Calcified, Jean Pool.

March 26

  1. Aviv- Fucking Invincible, Congenital Death, Hardware, Death Vacation, Convulsant.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Whiplash, Deathrash, Magus Beast, Anvil Bitch, Paralysis.
  3. Gmaecharger World- Capsize, Idle Minds, Borderlines, Sovereign Kings, Refinement, Ashes of My Regrets, Krooked Youth.
  4. The Bowery Electric- Capsula, Twin Guns, New Rock City.
  5. ABC No Rio- Gymshorts, Spewing Cum, Ghost Punch, Heavy Negatives.
  6. Palisades- Guerilla Toss, Downtown Boys, Future Punx.
  7. Market Hotel- Girl Pool, Palm, Fraternal Twin, Vagabon.
  8. Shakers Pub- Gash, The Muckrakers, Carbon Thief, The Avoiders, Tears of Beer.
  9. The Brighton Bar- Restorations, Creepoid, The Dirty Nil.
  10. The Chance- Children of Bodom, Havoc, Vision Serrent.
  11. The Space- Somos, Petal, The Superweaks, Queen Moon.
  12. Evolution Sound Stage & Rehearsal Studio- Staleworth, Gnashville, Mutiny Aboard, Table Talk, The Tallest Trees in The Universe.
  13. Fenix Studio- Only Sibling, Process of Fusion, Paraiso, Sup Bruh, Not From Concentrate, Universe Ignores Her.
  14. The Court Tavern- The Dead Flowers, New Politicians, Delsea, Hold On Caulfield.

March 27

  1. NYWC Sportatorium- Real Friends, Movements.
  2. Shea Stadium- Shark Muffin, Fruit Flowers, Rosebud, Witch Coast, Heliotropes, Lactate.
  3. Aviv- Koji, Jacob Clarke.
  4. The Grand Victory- Gash, Pink Mass, Discipline, Night Rite.
  5. Greasy Manor- Fucking Invincible, Dialysis, Street Feet, Media Limits, Human Overdose.
  6. Webster Hall- LCD Sound System.

March 28

  1. AMH- Capsize, Gnashville, Heal, Carve Your Niche, Graves.
  2. Irving Plaza- Savages, Angas Turnawsky.
  3. Silent Barn- Jobs, Elder Ones, Salt People, Trigger, Samuel Boat.
  4. Monty Hall- Faust, Jowe Head.
  5. Webster Hall- LCD Sound System.

March 29

  1. Warsaw- Savages, Angus Tharnawsky.
  2. Silent Barn- Cutters, Ghost Camp, Oh Golly, Boosegumps.
  3. Toad’s Place- The Expendables, Passafire, Roots of Creation, Tunnel Vision.
  4. Trans Pecos- Chuck Johnson, Lee Ranaldo, Ancient Ocean.
  5. Baby’s All Right- Slothrust, Yung, Diet Cig.
  6. Market Hotel- Faust, Zs.

March 30

  1. Warsaw- Weezer.
  2. Saint Vitus Bar- Crowbar, Unearthly Trance, Manipulate.
  3. Starland Ballroom- Gogol Bordello, Debacuche, Will Wood & The Tapeworms.
  4. Revolution Bar- The Expendables, Passafire, Roots of Creation, Nonstop to Cario.
  5. Shea Stadium- Pupppy, Caged Animals, Varsity, ROMP.
  6. Trans Percos- Wussy, Courtest Tier.
  7. Market Hotel- Faust, J.R. Bohannanon, Gres Fox Duo.

March 31

  1. Shakers Pub- Homewrecker, Erode, Accelerator, Frayed Ends, Deject.
  2. Shea Stadium- Japanese Breakfast, Emily Reo, Adult Mom, Bethlehem Steel.
  3. The Brighton Bar- Gin War, Twin Coves, Computer Class, The Brand on Smith Band.
  4. The Fuze Box- 68’, Idle Hands, Like Lions, Blind Threat, The Stable Gentleman.
  5. The Outer Space Ballroom- Bongzilla, Black Cobra, Kings Destroy, Lo Pan.
  6. The Silent Barn- The Coathangers, Pill, The Meltaways.


Upcoming Shows

The Great Big Susiepalooza Comp Vol. 1

Last Summer James Boss put together a DIY festival in his backyard called Susiepalooza. Susiepalooza is a benefit show that was for Boss’s neighbor Sue Marchetti who passed winter of 2014. Sue was battling Pancreatic Cancer. The festival had a big turnout and they raise $3000. The money was given to the Lustgarten Foundation. I attended this fest and there plenty of great local acts on the bill and some of those bands are on the upcoming. Tomorrow Susiepalooza will be releasing a comp for $5 and all of the proceeds will be going to the Lustgarten Foundation. What’s great about this comp is that besides all of the great local acts from the New York and Long Island area there are some really big bands featured on this comp. Modern Baseball, Superheaven, Beach Slang and a few others are featured. For $5 you get sixty-six great songs. This comp features Punk, Pop-Punk, Emo, Indie, Metal, Metalcore, etc. I recommend everyone who is reading this to buy this comp. Most of the bands that are on this comp I have seen live and this is amazing that they all came together for a great cause. James Boss is a great person and has done a lot of cool things for the music scene. Shout out to every band on this comp, every band that played at Susiepalooza, everyone who helped out with Susiepalooza, the bookers Maggie Friedman and Sarah Waxberg and James Boss himself.

  1. Modern Baseball – … And Beyond
  2. Beach Slang – Bad Art And Weird Ideas
  3. Shorebreak – Around
  4. Everyone Leaves – Tired Life
  5. Abandon All Ships – Loafting
  6. Call It Home – Damage
  7. Varials – Ether
  8. Grayscale – Palette
  9. Gin War – Cement
  10. Havenfield – Tangle
  11. Stories Untold – Things Change
  12. The Obsessives – Daisy
  13. Half Hearted – Sold Soul
  14. Make Them Suffer – Fake
  15. Change Is – Loss (feat. Devin MacGillivray)
  16. Begin Again – i ws nvr yr grlfrnd
  17. Hymn – Sleeping Bag
  18. Hot Mulligan – Shaylee, Shanel
  19. Kevin Burke – Don’t Let It Be True
  20. Degrader – Dead Presidents (feat. South African Prince)
  21. Mutiny Abroad – Hides
  22. Best Kept Secret – Stormy Weather
  23. Nice Shot, Kid – Cornered
  24. Convictions – The Dahlia Disease
  25. Newcomer -Slag
  26. I, Awake – Heart/Home
  27. Drop The Act – Stay Close
  28. Gottem – Hopeless Romantic
  29. Bad Year – Roots (feat. Jeremy Hunter)
  30. Dismissed – Empty Home (feat. Kevin Lacerda)
  31. In Honor Of – The Pressure
  32. Superheaven – I’ve Been Bored
  33. Whittled Down – Blooming
  34. Discolor – Hand To Mend
  35. Lacuna Ink – Only In Dreams
  36. Waterparks – Night Maps (feat. Fred Mascherino)
  37. A Wake In Providence – Black Mass (feat. Dickie Allen)
  38. Artisan – Content
  39. Outbreak Xero – Crossover
  40. Depressant – Descent Of The Snowbird
  41. Alumni – Calling Home
  42. Fossil Youth – From The Window
  43. Overcomer – Faces (In My Head)
  44. Great Grief – Knives
  45. Trace Your Steps – Animal (Creature Of Habit)
  46. Makeshift – Someone Like Me
  47. Chucky Hugh – Silhouettes And Sunsets
  48. An Old Friend – Fragments And Blurs
  49. Head North – Redwood
  50. Post Modern – July
  51. Better Days – Hard To Love
  52. The Magic Fountain – Mr. Kramer
  53. It Lives, It Breathes – Got No Time
  54. Table Talk – Promotion
  55. Catlike – Deli Rose
  56. Quinn Cicala – Gracious
  57. Northbound – Leech
  58. Sam Pollet – Split Ends
  59. Monuments – Atlas
  60. Shiffley – Ships
  61. Craig Boiarsky – See
  62. Varsity – Risen
  63. Nobody’s Babe – Billy Joel
  64. Arkham – Youngblood
  65. Chase Huglin – Your New Boy
  66. Pentimento – Sink Or Swim




NGTHCRWLRS, The Obessives, Broken Beak, and Glueboy @ Shea Stadium 3/21/16

Last Monday I went to my favorite venue in Brooklyn Shea Stadium to see The Obsessives and Broken Beak. I miss my chance to see these two bands play in Long Island recently so this was my redemption. Shea Stadium is my favorite venue because it on top of a warehouse and the venue is a loft. Shea Stadium is a really cool place to see a show. The venue would be perfect to see Punk bands here. Most of the show here are Indie and Emo bands. Overall I love this place a lot and it is a really important spot in Brooklyn.

The Opening band of the night was Glueboy. Glueboy are a three piece band from New York City. Unfortunately I walked two sings into their set. Glueboy had a cool sound that mixed with some Indie and Punk elements. They had a crowd which was cool for them. There was probably almost fifty people there watching them. Glueboy overall was a decent opener and I would like to see this band again.

Up next was Broken Beak. Broken Beak is a Philadelphia band that features the lead singer of Modern Baseball. Broken Beak is a four piece and they played a pretty good set. I notice that the crowd enjoyed them. I was enjoying this band a lot. It was interesting to see the lead singer of Modern Baseball not singing in the band and just playing rhythm guitar. Broken Beak was a cool band to see live  and I would like to see them again. They did not get reaction like Modern Baseball would get but they were really good.

The Obsessives took the stage in literally ten minutes after Broken Beak got off which was great. I love when bands move fast after a set to set up and take down their gear. The Obessives are a two piece band from Philly. Their sound had a mix of Emo and Indie. I love the fact that this band is a duo and the play facing each other. This was probably my favorite set of the night. The Obessives is a very laid back duo but their music performed live was great. Obessives have become one of my favorites from the Philadelphia area and I’m glad I got a chance to see them. I recommend who is reading this to check out this band.

The final band of the night was NGTHCRWLRS. This is a four piece band from New Jersey. Once this band started to play I felt band because a lot of people left after the Obessives got off. I was kind of surprise to see a lot of people leave because this show was kind of early. NGTHCRWLRS were a cool band. They played a pretty good set. NGTHCRWLRS was cool and they seemed like nice guys. They were a great closer for the show. Another cool show at my favorite venue and hopefully soon I be attending another one there.


The Obessives- 9/10

Broken Beak- 9/10

Glueboy- 8/10

Shea Stadium- 10/10

NGTHCRWLRS, The Obessives, Broken Beak, and Glueboy @ Shea Stadium 3/21/16

Texas Is The Reason @ Saint Vitus Bar 3/16/16

Last Wednesday I got a chance to see Texas Is the Reason at Saint Vitus. Texas Is the Reason is one of the legendary 90’s Emo band. This band was only around for three years and came back for multiple reunions. The day prior to this show Texas came back to play their album Do You Know Who You Are? in full for the 20th anniversary of its release. The show I went to was only added on last minute. Both New York shows were sold out. The reason for the reunion is that they scheduled to play at a memorial show for the passing of Jon Bunch (Sense Field, Further Seems Forever) in California. There was no opener for either show.

Texas Is the Reason started to play and the place erupted. Everyone was singing along to every song. They played over an hour worth of music and they truly seemed appreciate about the fans that were there. Every song they played sounded great and they were so tight. There a little bit of pit action but that stop. There were two crowd surfers but they did not make it too the stage. I was expecting this crowd to go off but they seemed pretty laid back. I was surprise that the crowd different really go off. Overall this set was great and Texas Is the Reason is a great live band. I found it really cool they wanted to play a 200 cap venue two days rather than playing a bigger venue. I am very glad that I got a chance to see this legendary band. Hopefully if they come back again I would love to see them again.

Texas Is the Reason- 10/10

Saint Vitus Bar- 9/10


Texas Is The Reason @ Saint Vitus Bar 3/16/16

Upcoming Shows 3/18/16-3/24/16

Here’s a list of upcoming shows I would like you to check out. These shows are in the Tri-State area.

March 18th

  1. The Acheron- Angel Dust, Red Death, Higher Power, Soft Grip, Liberty.
  2. Revolution Bar- Four Year Strong, Light Years, Can’t Swim, Giants At Large, Shorebreak, Whittled Down.
  3. AMH- Oso Oso, Prince Daddy and The Hyenas, Macseal, Teenage Halloween.
  4. Shakers Pub- The Motorleague, Safety, Binary Hearts, Starving Hearts, Best Regards.
  5. Terminal 5- Dr. Dog, The Districts.
  6. Berlin NYC- Tall Juan, Mitsume, New Lines.
  7. The Barbershop- Bottomfed, Chud, Kids Having Kids, Brainwaves.
  8. The Meatlocker- Haloegens, Jean Pool, Mother Goose, Electric Sensei, Staten.
  9. Aviv- Furnsss, Ghost Camp, Bread Pilot, RUGS.
  10. The Paramount- Mayday Parade, The Maine, The Technicolors.

March 19th

  1. Warren American Legion- Suburban Scum, Rude Awakening, Old Wounds, Friend or Foe, Absolute Suffering, Threat 2 Society.
  2. My Place Pizza- BillXNye, Praxis HV, M.A.D., Ultor, Super Always, I Say Fuck.
  3. Saint Vitus Bar- Outer Heaven, Fuming Mouth, Mauler, Flesh Prison.
  4. Saint Vitus Bar- Profanatica, Pissgrave, Luminous Vault.
  5. The Acheron- Male Patterns, Gun Candy, Death Vacation, Wrung, WAD.
  6. Leftfield- Mouse Fitzgerald, Ted’s Dead, The Miki Doras, The Minor Arts, Third World Robotics.
  7. Grand Victory- Constant Companion, Bed Pan Fight, Wooden Ships, Carbon Thief, Beach Craft Bonanza.
  8. Don Pedro- Lazy Queen, Lactate, Ellen and The Degenerates, Yucky Duster.
  9. Old Mogul Theater- Fire is Motion, Sedna’s Not Alone, Sammy Mellmar, Sunflower.
  10. Terminal 5- Dr. Dog, Hop Along.

March 20th

  1. Shakers Pub- Pink Mass, Organ Dealer, After Birth, Locus Mortis, False Gods.
  2. The Silent Barn- Ovlov, Pile (SOLO), Liam Betson, Yazan.
  3. Cop Frat- Hymn, Macseal, Catlike, Dan Marks, Parallel.
  4. The Grand Victory- The Avoiders, Third World Robotics, Anti-Diffranco, Back To Monsson.
  5. The Blue Room- Full Blown Chaos, Endwell, Enochian, Mutiny Aboard, Reluctant Mortem, Ocean of Illusions, Eternal Raven.

March 21st

  1. Shea Stadium- Night Crwlrs, The Obessives, Broken Beak, Glueboy.
  2. Fuze Box- Hollow Earth, Church Tongue, Scavenger, Open Casket Division.

March 22nd

  1. Alphaville- Bib, Slav, Wrung, Rubber.

March 23rd

March 24th

  1. Webster Hall- The Movielife, Crime In Stereo, Incendiary,
  2. Niagara- The Undead, Antidote, Urban Waste, Ultra Violence, Killer Instinct.
  3. Berlin NYC- Surf Rock is Dead, Palmus, Droop, Dead Stars.
  4. The Grand Victory- 45 Adapters, The Up Up Ups, In Rod, The Brimstones.
  5. Aviv- Youth Avoiders, Stalled Minds, Haram, Lonely Boys Club.
  6. Gramercy Theatre- We The Kings, AJR, She is We, Elena Coats, Brothers Jumps.




Upcoming Shows 3/18/16-3/24/16