Best Coast, Wavves, and Cherry Glazerr at Terminal 5

Last Thursday I went to my 11th concert of the year at Terminal 5. Wavves and Best Coast was playing that night as part of their “Summer Forever” tour with Cherry Glazerr opening up. This was not a sold out show but it was close. Terminal 5 is a 3000 cap venue so seeing these bands play here this show was going to be a big show. This was my first time seeing all the bands that were playing that night.

The opening band of the night was Cherry Glazerr. They are a four piece band from Los Angeles and they got the crowd going. I never heard of this band nor did I even get a chance to check them out. Just by watching this performance they were really good. The crowd seemed to like them a lot. Their sound had a mix of Bluesy rock with some Indie and early 70’s Glam rock influences. Overall they were a good band and good opener. I would see this band again if I had another chance.

Wavves was on next. Wavves is from San Diego, California. This Indie band got the crowd going from start to finish. The band played over a twenty song set list and they were great. Wavves has a sound that mixes Indie, Punk and Surf music. People were going off for this band. I never have been to a Surf/Garage/Indie influence show before this set was all new to me. There was a lot of energy between the crowd and band. I actually thought I knew five songs but I discovered that I knew most of their set. The set was great and it made me want to see this band again and again. I recommend everyone who is reading this to see Wavves if you have not gotten the chance yet.

Best Coast took the stage. Best Coast is from California and has a similar sound like Wavves. Best Coast I know as a duo but they have a few live members on stage with them. Personally I wanted Wavves to head line because they have more energy and Best Coast kind of takes the energy down a notch. Best Coast played a great set and the crowd still went off like they did for Wavves. During the song “Boyfriend” I could not believe the crowd during that song. People were rushing up to the front and crowd surfing. Overall Best Coast played a fantastic set. I really enjoyed this band a lot and I would like to see them again. I still believe that Wavves should have headline because they played more songs and had the better reaction. This was another great show at Terminal 5 and hopefully the two bands will come back to play New York again.

Best Coast- 10/10

Wavves- 10/10

Cherry Glazerr- 8/10

Terminal 5- 10/10

Best Coast, Wavves, and Cherry Glazerr at Terminal 5

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